How To Reward Your Best Customers


Everyone loves feeling like they are valued. This is especially true of customers who use a particular product or service. If you are a business owner, it’s a good idea to reward your loyal customers to keep them coming back time and time again. People love feeling like they are getting a great deal, and giving them this will end up benefitting your company in the long run.

Take a look at these top ways to reward customers who have been loyal to your business.

How To Reward Your Best Customers

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Offer Cumulative Discounts

Encourage customers to spend more money with you by giving a discount when they reach a certain spending target. For example, this could be 10% off their next purchase when they spend £100. Try to publicise this scheme as widely as you can – you could have a counter on the screen showing how much extra they need to spend to gain the discount.

Create A Card Scheme

If you run a business that sells a product, consider creating custom gift cards or loyalty cards. This gives customers an incentive to keep shopping with you. Gift cards could be presented to customers who have spent a certain amount of money. Alternatively, loyalty cards could accumulate points and give money off the customer’s next purchase.

Give Away Free Items

How To Reward Your Best Customers

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When a customer spends a certain amount of money (whether during a single purchase or over a longer period of time) they could qualify for a free item. Try to make this something useful like a water bottle or a notebook. Alternatively, you could get more creative to ensure that you are providing them with something that is quite unique.

Host An Event For Top Clients

A really great way to reward your best clients is by hosting some sort of event and inviting them to it. This could be an evening in which you are previewing a new product. It could be some sort of drinks reception or annual thank you dinner. Try to give the event an exclusive feel with good refreshments and plenty of opportunities for networking.

Send Out Discount Offers

Many people are much more receptive to email marketing campaigns if there is some sort of discount or special offer involved. Rather than sending out the offer to everyone, you could make clear that it is only for your top clients and they are receiving the offer because of their continued loyalty to your business.

Reward Referrals or Introductions

Many companies offer a scheme for customers who refer others. This concept usually offers a certain amount of money for both the customer doing the referring and the new client. You could run it on a scale so the more referrals that are made, the more rewards they can earn.

Remember that rewarding customers is both good for them and you. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, inspiring customer loyalty should be one of your number one priorities so you can ensure your business continues to grow and develop.   

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