Marketing Mines You Don't Want To Step On

It’s fair to say that the business world can feel like a minefield. Take the wrong step and you’ll be blown sky high without any warning and that’s particularly true when it comes to marketing. If you make any mistakes you can find yourself and your business in serious trouble. Here’s what we mean by this.


If you use blackhat forms of SEO then you will earn a Google penalty which will kill your site ranking. You might say, I’d never use blackhat marketing. Great but be careful because plenty of people use these methods without realising they are dangerous. For instance, it’s very easy to use too many words in content and be accused of keyword stuffing.

SEO Attack

If you are posting content you might be writing reviews of your products. Or, getting other people to write them for you which is a brilliant way to build some buzz. However, you do need to be careful about negatively comparing your product to a competitor. This might be seen as part of an SEO attack and you can expect a competitor to respond in kind. Think carefully before writing anything negative about a competitor online. It’s best to leave it to angry, independent reviewers.

Missing Key Details

Although arguably one of the worst possibilities when using online marketing is…absolutely nothing. We mean that you might market and get no results at all. This can happen if you miss out key details of marketing. For instance, did you know that images can be optimised in the same way as text? We bet you didn’t but you can read all about it in the following infographic.

By Digitalico


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