Create A Career Around Your Passions


Create A Career Around Your Passions

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For some of us, over a certain age, creating a career was based on good grades at school, our parents and the limited options we knew about.  Today there are so many incredible ways of making a living and you could be forgiven for feeling a little bit let down by your past.

Luckily it is much easier than you might thing to make a change, regardless of your age.  You just need to be fully prepared for some of the challenges that might lie ahead.

Start by really getting to grips with your decision.  Are you certain this is something you want to do?  If you make a change then change your mind again, it can put off potential employers.  So take plenty of time to really ask yourself is it your career you need to alter, or is it something else in your life.  Lots of soul searching please before you jump ship.

Next you need to consider your options, do you want to work for someone else or do you feel you are ready to go it alone and set up your own business.  For example if you have been a hobbyist photographer with a few wedding gigs under your belt, do you feel you have the experience to start up as a freelancer?

Work out your tax options.  If you are changing employment then that is less complicated however if you are starting your own business then you should talk to a financial advisor who can help get your head around triple net and other schemes to take advantage of.  Ensuring you are keeping an eye on your personal and business finances is key to running a business so get to know a good accountant who will help support you as you take your first delicate steps.

It is worth finding some courses in your local area which will improve your knowledge of the industry you want to be a part of.  Looking at photography again you could take some workshops to improve your skills and also consider a few marketing lessons to.  You will need to get to grips with online marketing and PR if you are going to succeed on your own.

Don’t panic if you are looking to find new employment and don’t have years of experience.  Go through your CV and consider what transferable skills you have picked up along the way.  Being able to manage a team will stand you in good stead regardless of what that team were doing.  It proves you are responsible, have good leadership skills and can work as part of a team.  Think outside the box and promote yourself.  Passion is the key to your success.

Whatever you want to do, it is possible providing you have made the correct preparations and you are willing to work hard, learn fast and potentially take a pay cut.  Focus on the future and how happy you will be loving the job you do!

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