Keyword Research Tools In 2017


If you are looking forward to becoming an SEO expert, then you know how critical keywords are. Before you think of going the SEO way, you must first think of doing an in-depth keyword research. Having done that, you can now think of incorporating other factors such as content quality, on-page optimization and the right site UI among other factors.

Quite a big number of companies spend a lot of dollars on keyword research so as to achieve their target content. Well, if you a beginner, this shouldn’t worry you. Visit us at to better equip yourself with the right techniques and appropriate tools designed with your site in mind. As it were, the keywords you pick for your SEO are very essential when it comes improving your sites ranking in search engines.

While it may sound easy to find the right keywords, that is actually not the case and you must be prepared to put in some effort. It calls for more info in order to find out if the keywords you have are going to be helpful. You must therefore be savvy with the keyword research tools and also understand how to go about the whole process. However, if you are knew in this field, you can always read our keyword research guide to understand the basics.

Once you have understood the basics and important the whole process is, you will be ready to get moving. The good thing is that there are quite a lot of tools designed for this purpose and you can take advantage of their availability to attain the most appropriate keywords for your site. Although most of them are chargeable, you can still use the few that are free of charge.

Keyword Research Tools In 2017


  1. Google Keyword Planner

This stands out as the most popular tool among SEO keyword researchers. This is attributed to the fact that it is free and incorporated with AdWords from Google directly. First, you will need to open up an AdWords account for free. It comes with a number of features and limitations. While the most important feature is the huge amount of information it provides on Google, this could also be a limitation in one way or another. You may not be able to find out the performance of your site or a particular keyphrase in other SEs (search engines). However, considering that it is free for use, this is actually the best tool for beginners in the SEO industry.


If you are a blogger and looking for user-friendly keyword research tool, then we would recommend you go for Semrush. It is not typically a keyword research tool and there is much to it than simply a keyword research tool. As compared to other keyword research tools that require including start keywords before commencing your research process, Semrush only requires you to include your URL and what follows is the entire list of keywords ranking for that particular website. With this tool, you can easily find both short and long-tail keyphrases that can help you outwit your competitors. Semrush offers exhaustive info on:

  • Search engines reports
  • Traffic statistics
  • Adsense CPC among other important information you need for an effective SEO campaign.
  1. LongTailPro

Cloud-based keyword research software, LongTailPro is yet one of the most commonly used tool in the list. The premium keyword research tool allows you to attain the most appropriate key phrases for your niche site. The available platinum model is effective when it comes to finding stunning and in-depth keyword analysis. They come with a unique competition checker feature that enables you to choose the most ideal keyword.

Bottom line – We know you want to get to the top of your competitors and that is why we at have done everything to get you the info you badly need to stay on track. The most important thing to note is that once you know what you want, there is actually nothing to stop you. In this case, whichever tools you pick, ensure to use them to enhance your SEO efforts.

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