How to: Share Folders in Dropbox


As you must be aware that there are number of services available for online file storage, and still Dropbox is one of the best. The most essential part of it is surely will be a pioneering weight, but you also have to give credit to the developers that constantly improve their platform. Thus, this alternative has a number of features and options that is organized and efficient.

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In this article we look at one of its most basic options so that dimension start taking everything that Dropbox has for you. So if you’ve never used the service or if you are just starting to take your first steps on it, this tutorial on how to share the folders you have in your account is perfect for you.

Share a folder from the Dropbox site

Share a folder from the Dropbox site

Dropbox can manage your accounts from two different places, your website and desktop client. Consider sharing folders from the first. To do this, you must go to the official site and login with your account details. Once there, you will find the folder you want to share and select it (note that you should not open it, but select it from the list).

If you have never shared the folder in question, you will see that the top bar is a button that says Invite folder. Click on that option. You will see a dialog box where you must enter the email addresses of those you want to invite (you can use the option Import contacts to quickly enter addresses from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Face book). Alternatively, you can write an invitation message detailing what you share.

Pay attention to the option that says Allow members to invite others, and that the mark will give the guests the opportunity to join others. As such, here depend the degrees of privacy you want for the folder. Once you’ve finished, click Share Folder.

Also, you can use the Share section to create a folder that will be shared with whom you indicate from the same generation. The invitation process is exactly the same as I detailed above.

Share a folder from Windows

Share a folder from Windows


If you can handle better from the Windows desktop client, then you must follow the steps given below. Go to your Dropbox folder (the location you selected during setup to sync with the website), right click on the folder you want to share, go to the option Dropbox contextual menu and select Share this folder.

By doing this, it will open the dialog box to share in the Dropbox site. The procedure here is the same as described above. That is, you must enter the emails of those who want to invite and add a message if you wish. Once all this is done, just need to click Share Folder.

Additional Considerations

There are a couple of points with regard to shared folders in Dropbox to keep in mind. Firstly, you cannot share subfolders, only can share folders that are general, regardless if they have subfolders or not. Furthermore, you also have to know that, as a creator of a folder, you reserve the right to block access to certain members. This means that if one of your guests has joined someone who does not want in your folder, only you can cast it.

Finally, given the synchronization capabilities of the service, if you shared a folder and you’re working on a file at the same time with one of your guests do not have to worry about problems when saving changes. Dropbox is capable of storing both editions, only that they will be stored in two different copies of the same file. Thus, you avoid conflicts that may result in loss of valuable information.

As you can see, sharing a folder on Dropbox is an extremely simple process. So, now you have the ability to work with others no matter where they are.

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