Few Social Networking Apps for Android Users


Modern world is global village. No matter how distant people are, we will be still in touch with them. We meet our friends daily through online and share our experiences with the whole world. This is more possible through social networking sites.

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Nowadays it’s easy to access social networking sites with your smartphone, many of us using smartphone because it more flexible and smartphone are ready with many apps. With a mobile in your hand you can connect with your friends from where you are.

Here are some of the social networking apps for android users. Make sure you check it out below.

Social Networking Apps

1. Andmade share:

Enjoy sharing with Andmade share app. This is most like share option in your android mobiles, but better than that. You can share applications, reorder the share list and also hide unused elements.

With this free app in your mobile, you can quickly upload your photos to Facebook, twitter and any other social networking sites. You can use fast share even without internet connection. But, forget not to set it as default on first use.

2. Foursquare:

With foursquare you feel comfortable in strange place too. There are more than 20 million people who are sharing their experiences in fourshare. You can get recommendations and reviews on a place or a product. This also feeds you information about best deals. With this app you can get tips from users, experts and celebrities. This free app is really useful in strange and unknown places.

3. Path:

With this 5-star rated app you can share your experiences with your beloved one. Share the music and movies you are watching with your friends. This is a personal networking site where you can share your life’s most important experiences with your friends and family.

If you are more interested in Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites, you can easily share through Path.

4. Google+:

Google+ has become as popular as Facebook its subscribers count is near facebook subscribers. Google+ is being adored by many people now. Through Google+, you can enjoy video chatting with 9 friends. Also chat with all your friends at a time.

With nearby stream in Google+ you can get to know what people around you are saying.

5. LinkedIn:

This is a special app for professional people. You can know what is new in industry, view latest job that suits your profile, get connected with the people who are in your profession and also record your meetings. It has become a very popular app as you can find and connect with more than 161 million people with this app. This professional network app helps you share your data from anywhere.

Upload these apps to your mobile and stay connected with your friends from anywhere in the world.

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