Halda Watches: The Future is Interchangeable


Sweden has always been at the forefront of innovative design and Halda Watches have stayed true to the principles of Scandinavian design. Functional and truly beautiful in their simplistic design Halda watches offer something a little bit different.

The Halda name may sound familiar to some of you; they manufactured the Taximeter used in London Cabs for decades. The company has built up a reputation for fine engineering and intricate craftsmanship. As well as watches Halda also develop gear boxes for some of the world’s best known super cars including Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Maserati.

The ‘Halda Concept’ range features two designs with clever interchangeable watch faces. Using a unique locking system you can switch the watch face from a digital design to a mechanical mechanism easily.

Halda were given the task of creating a watch suitable for use in space. The ‘Space Pilot’ watch needed to be able to cope with two extremely different environments – terrestrial use on Earth before launch and then use in space. Developed in-house by Halda, they created two distinctly different watches to meet these very different surroundings. One suitable for the pressures of space and one that can be worn as an everyday watch. The two different watch faces can be inserted and swapped quickly.

Working with astronauts at NASA they developed the watch face suitable for use in space, a timepiece that can withstand the harshest of environments. After extensive testing the watch was awarded certification by astronauts. Every function was designed with NASA, from the G-Force sensors to the Earth timer and mission elapsed timer.

The second part of the watch is the mechanical module. Using specially sourced ‘high beat’ movements that are known for their beauty and accuracy, each and every watch is expertly hand tuned.

The elegant case which houses this special watch is built from tecamex. It is the first time this unique material has been used outside of the space programme.

The ‘Race Pilot’ watch saw Halda move into the world of motorsport. This watch uses the same unique interchangeable system as the ‘Space Pilot’ watch. Each dial is made up of twenty nine individual pieces and hand crafted. The ‘Race Pilot’ features a bespoke computer with F1 countdown timer, lap timer, G-force meter and chronograph measuring speed. It also has the race circuit details of more than one hundred of the world’s most prestigious racing circuits. Developed for Formula One racing drivers you don’t need to be Lewis Hamilton to appreciate the technology and beauty behind the Race Pilot watch.

Halda have succeeded in combining traditional watchmaking and craftsmanship with modern technology to create truly stunning and wearable timepieces.

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