Size Matters When it comes to Pull Up Banner Dimensions


Ask any exhibitor at any trade show or exhibition what the worst case scenario would be for their stand and they will say that it is ‘Not being noticed’. You’ve got the footfall generated by the event itself, but you are struggling to stand out in the crowd and people are just strolling straight past your display. What do you do? Well, one answer could be to get your stand a couple of pull up banners.

UK and overseas exhibitions and trade show are awash with these banners, and for good reason. They are extremely easy to erect, and equally simple to disassemble too. Once taken down the whole stand is held within the base itself so transporting them is a breeze, meaning that they can cut the cost of moving between one show and the next.

As more and more exhibitors cotton on to the fact that roll up banner printing may be the answer to their marketing needs it becomes important to try something different in order to be seen, and being able to choose your own pull up banner dimensions means that you can do just that. With a wide range of sizes you can do a wide range of things to get noticed.

While the height remains fairly universal at around 2.00m to 2.250m tall, the width variation allows you to create all manner of different effects for your stand. From the thinnest at 600mm through to the widest at 2.00m and everything in between, you’re sure to find the right banner for your business.

One great idea is to use your banners as the backdrop to your stand as well as having them either side of it. Having the option of being able to create a 2m wide banner makes this easy and with the narrower banners you can even give your stand a circular feel to it. Alternatively you could always just have multiple banners panelled together; this can be especially effective when storyboarding a message. Having potential customers look at each display in turn engages them and can help your sales staff bring more business to your company. If you want versatility, you’ll want a roll up banner.

Printing these banners with your own specified design and text guarantees that your stands promotional message will be working for you, drawing customers in instead of letting them glide straight past you without a second look. With the help of some well-arranged and well-designed pull up banners UK companies can make their stands stand out no matter where in the world they choose to exhibit.

Featured Image Credit: Flexography/ShutterStock

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