A Realistic Alternative to Smoking


Electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, e-cigarettes, whatever you wish to call them, there’s no denying the popularity of these electronic vaping devices in recent years. If you haven’t heard of them before, an electronic cigarette is a small battery powered device that simulates tobacco smoking and produces an odourless vapour.

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E-cigarettes work by using a small heating element (known as an atomizer) inside the device that vaporises a water-based e-liquid solution usually containing nicotine which can then be inhaled. Developed to help satisfy a smokers craving without the use of tobacco and other harmful toxins, the original electronic cigarette device is thought to have been invented back in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. A heavy smoker he wanted an alternative to smoking.

In the UK, electronic cigarettes are not currently affected by the smoking ban. As they don’t contain tobacco you can legally vape indoors and in public spaces. It is up to the discretion of individual businesses whether they allow the use of e-cigarettes indoors so it is always best to check before you vape. With the opening of a vaping lounge in Heathrow Airport and vaping bars starting to open around the country – the vaping revolution is far from slowing down.

The e-cigarette market is saturated in devices of all shapes and sizes, from the cheap and cheerful disposables to the larger and robust rechargeable varieties, there’s an almost endless range of strengths, flavours and models to choose from.

The Vype Reload has been developed to offer a realistic alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. This quirky little e-cigarette from Vype at first glance looks just like a traditional cigarette. This next generation of e-cigarette is designed to feel like a tobacco cigarette, the soft tip filter adds to the realistic experience. Unlike most other e-cigs on the market the tip has been designed to be soft to the touch, with a papery finish for a true simulation experience. The tip of the device features an LED light which glows red when you inhale and then flashes when it is running out of battery so you know it needs recharging.

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Each plastic flip-case case can carry two e-cigarettes, perfect for carrying them around with you or storing in your bag. Vype e-cigarettes last up to 250 inhalations and they are rechargeable, so you only have to replace the reload e-liquid cartridges when they are empty. Rechargeable e-cigarettes are a cost-effective vaping option as you only have to purchase the device once and then simply repurchase the e-liquid. Choose from Bold, Regular or Menthol e-liquid varieties which contain differing concentrations of nicotine to suit your style of vaping.

With a predicted 1.3 million people currently using e-cigarettes in the UK it seems these electronic devices are here to stay!

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