Get Yourself A Piste Of The Action

Get Yourself A Piste Of The Action

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Winter breaks can inspire some of us to jet off to the hottest country we can think of for a little bit of sun worshipping. However, winter is one of the coolest (pardon the pun) times of the year and the reason for that?  Snow.

We aren’t all blessed with the white powder over winter though and even if we are it can be more of a pain than fun.  Some parts of the USA find themselves hidden under a mountain of the stuff, making the daily commute an exhausting battle between snow shovels, tyre chains and less than ideal driving conditions.

With Christmas over why not think about taking a last minute break to help you fall back in love with this natural phenomenon or, to show your kids what a true winter wonderland looks like? We have some brilliant ideas to inspire you and hopefully give you an experience you will never forget.

Get Yourself A Piste Of The Action

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Let’s start with the most obvious, Skiing.  You may never have tried this sport before however it is a brilliant experience for all ages and pretty much all resorts across the world have a ski school where children can learn away from the piste, in a safe and relaxed environment.  There are plenty of brilliant resorts in America and across the world, even Peru is getting in on the action.  Whether you fancy a real party break with a group of friends or something to bring your family together, this sport is a must try.  Situated in the stunning Wasatch Mountains you will find resorts such as Deer Valley Lodging a fantastic introduction to the world of skiing.  Or if you want to go further afield you could head to Europe and try your hand at La Face in the resort of Val D’isere, although we recommend you have plenty of experience before hitting this famous black run.  It is fast, hard and has some pretty awesome drops.  

You don’t just have to ski, snowboarding is available at most resorts and could offer a taste of something completely different.

Get Yourself A Piste Of The Action

For something really different to do on the snow you could head out dog sledding.  For a real taste of this awesome sport get yourself to Sweden or Norway where dog sledding is a huge part of the culture.   With these holiday tours you can find yourself leading your own team of dogs through the night.  An amazing experience to cover ground fast, travelling through huge forests and between stunning mountains with only the sound of paws.  Image credit

You could even discover the magic of the Northern Lights.    

If lost luggage isn’t your thing, Dog Sledding is also available in the USA.  Way before the snowmobile was even thought of, dog mushing was a popular method of transport for thousands of years. Canine-drawn sleds make it easy to cross miles of glacier ice in Alaska and if you head out to North America you can get up close and personal with the Alaskan Malamute.  Trips run for 1 day right up to 12 days with camping or staying in purpose built lodges.  You don’t need to worry about kit, it’s all provided.

If you are lucky you will be able to experience one of the dog sled races.  The incredible speed that the two dog teams can reach will have you in awe.  It’s amazing to see how much these beautiful animals love being part of a team.  Working together they do what they were born to do, running flat out.  Don’t think you are going to be cuddled up to a domestic style pooch though, whilst the dogs do enjoy a little bit of love, they are as close to their wolf roots as can be.  These dogs are trained to be dogs and probably won’t take too kindly to nose rubs and tummy tickles.  Although we might be wrong!

Whilst he is probably very tired after a busy festive season, it isn’t too late to head to Lapland and visit Santa.  Ok, so it’s February, that does mean one quite important thing though, you won’t be paying in season prices to visit this incredible part of the world.  Also, why not get your kids excited for the festive season already?  It might inspire them to be good all year.

Visits to Lapland are like stepping into the mystical world of Christmas and leaving behind any form of reality.  The residents of this beautiful wonderland take the season very seriously and won’t have anyone question the legend of Father Christmas.

Expect to see lots of reindeer here and you can even take a ride on a sleigh.  If you want to come away from the Christmas vibe you can take to one of Lapland’s more daring traditions.  A naked (you can wear your swimming shorts) dip in an ice cold lake.  It may not sound appealing but according to our sources it is a revitalising experience which does have a rather nice end, as you skip off straight to a gorgeously warm sauna.  (image Unsplash)

Just be aware of the food.  The people of lapland love to entertain and will invite you into their homes.  It is common for them to serve up reindeer tongue or fermented fish, so keep your wits about you and don’t be too shocked.  You never know, you may find a new delicacy to bring home with you!

Of course, you might not have to go further than your back garden to remind yourself how fun the snow can be.  Building igloos and having snowball fights are all part of the fun.  You can get your boots on and go trekking in the woods or spend a night wrapped up in your own snow home.  We don’t recommend employing your pampered pooch to lead a homemade sled to the local bar though! Probably best to leave that to the experts.

Get out there, have fun and don’t let the winter season vanish without getting a little bit crazy and a little bit cold.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!