Everything You Need To Know About the iPhone 6S


Apple sure know how to time a product launch. It’s the end of summer, and we’re all feeling a little blue as the nights get darker. And then, Apple come along, every September without fail, to blow our minds with a new product. September is all about the iPhone and iPad announcements for Apple. It’s the hottest date in the tech calendar, and invites for the launch are more coveted than Willy Wonka’s golden tickets.

We’re all on the edge of our seats as we wait for the announcement. Last September, they announced the Apple Watch. Now, we knew we couldn’t expect anything this groundbreaking. But, the iPhone 6S was already rumoured long before the launch. The big question was, how good will it be? Well, Apple certainly didn’t disappoint. The beautiful new iPhone 6S was revealed to the public to a fantastic reception. And it’s no exaggeration to say it might just change your life. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Everything You Need To Know About the iPhone 6S

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Release date – The iPhone 6S is officially released on 25th September, but pre-orders are already open. Get your name down quickly.

Screen – The screen is a wonderful 4.7 inch retina delight. That’s the same size as the older iPhone 6, but there is an upgrade in quality. The retina display never fails to disappoint, and you’ll never go back to a normal screen again! The larger sized iPhone is clearly winning over the public, and Apple aren’t going back to the smaller models.

3D Touch – Apple’s latest MacBook introduced a great new feature called ‘force touch’. It meant the touchpad would react to varying pressure from your finger. It seems the new iPhone has adopted this technology too. The iPhone 6S’s 3D touch means you can use varying pressure to perform different functions. We’ll let you know how this performs when we get our hands on one.

Camera – The camera is exceptional, as we expected. We’re yet to play with it, but the stats speak for themselves. The main camera is a 12MP iSight camera which has incredible focus and depth. The front-facing, FaceTime camera is 5MP, and now features a flash. They’ve also integrated a 63MP panoramic camera. There are built in filters, and the phone is loaded up to handle 4K video.

Colours – Despite the awesome tech stats, the most talked about thing was the colour options. Apple revealed four beautiful new designs, the likes of which have never been seen before. We all know that Apple has always been about style and aesthetics. It’s out-stripped its competitors every time. Now, they’ve pulled even further ahead. The options are gold, silver, rose gold, and space grey. So, unless you want to cover it up with one of these weird iPhone cases(!), then you’ll have the best looking phone on the market.

The processing details – When it comes to the inner workings, the iPhone 6S has made a giant leap forward. The processing power is now 70% faster than its predecessor. The GPU is a staggering 90% faster. It will be a dream to use.

We’ve already got our names down on the pre-order form. We suggest you do the same!

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