These creative Eco Reminders wall stickers placed near an appliance, explains how energy is produced and what environmental effects can be different depending on the form of supplies used. Fun and playful, these wall stikers are made of eco-friendly PVC-Free self adhesive vinyl. Available here.

1. Oil Spill Reminder Sticker

Eco Reminders 1 - inspredmagz


2. Hamster Windmill

Eco Reminders 2 - inspredmagz


3. Water Power

Eco Reminders 3 - inspredmagz


4. CO2 Factory Reminder Sticker

Eco Reminders 4 - inspredmagz


5. Hamster Treadmill

Eco Reminders 5 - inspredmagz


6. Franklin’s Kite

Eco Reminders 6 - inspredmagz


7. Hamster Fixie Bike sticker

Eco Reminders 7 - inspredmagz


8. Hamster Wheel Generator

Eco Reminders 8 - inspredmagz


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