Advice for Planning Your Next Road Trip


For your next vacation, you might think about staying in the country and planning a road trip. It is a great option for everyone. It works well for families and works well for couples or groups of friends too. They work for everyone because you can plan your route to suit your group and make as many stops along the way as you would like. It might sound obvious, but it is so important to plan your route before you go. A proper road trip can be hard to do off the cuff; particularly with a family!

So plan the route in advance. Then you can plan your stops and plan where you will stay. Booking hotels in advance is a great idea too. Look for a route that has some amazing places to see on the way and you will have an amazing trip. If you think that you’d rather have someone else do the driving, then you could consider getting a charter bus. A company like GoGo Charters can then take care of the planning for you, taking out a lot of stress. So you can just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Advice for Planning Your Next Road Trip


When you plan your trip, whichever mode of transport you choose, it is important to set a budget. You want to see some awesome things, but you don’t want it to cost you more than if you’d gone abroad. There might be a certain number of stops that you want to make, but you’d need to check if that is viable to do so. If stopping at hotels will cost too much, then you could look into something like camping.

One way to stick to your budget is to take your food with you. That will mean a little more planning ahead of time, but it will cost a lot less. If you have got plenty of snacks and drinks with you, it will mean that you don’t need to look for restaurants at every stop. This saves time and hassle. If you have just driven for 6 hours straight, you don’t want to be driving more, just to find somewhere that you can eat. So make sure that you have got a good cool box to store your food in and keep it all fresh. The bonus is that you control the calories that you are all eating. A road trip is quite sedentary, as you’re only active when you get to your pit stops. So if you are just stopping off for burgers and fries every day, there will be an excess of unburned calories. Not a good look!

The biggest expense you will have is the fuel. So one thing to do to make sure you aren’t just wasting it is to pack as light as possible. Just take the food you will need and then just the essential amount of clothing and toiletries. Another way to make sure that your journey is fuel efficient is to drive the speed limit. You will get the maximum gas mileage out of your car so stick to it.

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