5 Quick Ways To Improve Customer Service


It’s a crowded market out there, so you need to offer something special. Customer satisfaction can be hard to get right, but extremely lucrative if you do. If you give even one customer a perfect experience, you’ll find them coming back for more and recommending you to their friends.

It’s impossible to please everyone, but you can try. Improve your business in all the customer facing ways, and you’ll see a lot more clients come through the door.

5 Quick Ways To Improve Customer Service

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Increase your online presence

In this day and age, the internet is only a tap away. People won’t want to trawl through the phone book or catalogue to find information on you. Instead, they’ll probably search Google, Twitter or Facebook. So, if you’re not online, you’re missing out.

Set up social media pages, and a basic website or blog. Optimize it with simple SEO best practices, and you’ll notice the difference. Now, when the customer looks for you, they’ll find you, and you’ll always be at the back of their mind. It’ll remind them of the enjoyable experience they had at your store or office, and they’ll come back for more.

Speed up transaction time

Customers don’t want to stand around, and you want to get more customers through the door. Ditching the cash and upgrading to a PDQ machine can allow you to read cards quickly and complete the transaction in lightning time.

This also benefits you, as you can increase turnover by serving more people. Less transaction time equals more customers being served which equals more money. It also means less time spent at the till for the customer, saving them time on a potentially hectic day.

Run enticing promotions

Do you offer discounts or services that your competitors don’t? People love exclusivity and bargains, so advertise them. Maybe your customers can get half price on certain items, or can join your loyalty scheme.

If you give your customer 10 percent off their next transaction with you, they’ll come back. Even 5 percent would do. If they feel like they’re saving money, they’ll be wholly satisfied. Don’t lose out on business by being afraid to give discounts or bargains. They’re key to the success of any business at any level.

5 Quick Ways To Improve Customer Service

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Be personable, not a faceless corporation

If you only operate online or from an undisclosed location, adding a face or address to your business makes you more tangible. It assures customers that you won’t just disappear, and increases your credibility.

You don’t need a huge office or a luxury building. You just need to let people know that you exist, and they’ll appreciate it.

Always be available for contact

Similarly, you always want to be available should a customer require help with your product. People can have enquiries at all times of day, so give them somewhere to post them. Whether it’s an email, post address or live chat service, ensure people can reach you via a number of methods.

Not everyone is online, so try a customer service helpline. If people can’t contact you, they can get frustrated and this reflects poorly on your image.

Customer service is tricky, and as previously mentioned, you can’t please everyone. You may have to upgrade your efforts in a variety of ways, which could cost you. However, your company can live or die on word of mouth. Satisfy your customers to make sure they have nothing but a positive reaction to you.

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