3 Famous Colorful Headphones


The people who are conscious about their style and outlook often like to buy colorful headphones. Therefore, manufacturers come with a wide variety of colorful headphones. It’s not very hard to pick a pair of your favorite color. Though many headphones are available yet a few get more attention of customers.

Would you like to know what these are? Come and grab the details of 3 famous colorful headphones.

3 Famous Colorful Headphones

1. Phiaton MS 400 Carbon Fiber Headphones

They are available in two colors such as black and red. According to my own viewpoint, red black headphones of Phiton are more stylish than pure black. You are able to enjoy concert hall sound quality due to optimized air flow. Its close air design reduce the
outside noise to a great extent, you would be able to enjoy music to its peak extent. Carrying of them will never be difficult as they come with flexible fold and go design. Get one pair for $199.95 from Amazon.

iFrogz Ear Pollution Throwbax Pink

2. iFrogz Ear Pollution Throwbax Pink

You can enjoy crisp and high-definition stereo sound through the faux leather headband. I really like the pink color which looks perfect for a girl who loves to enjoy music. Bass of headphones is exceptionally fine, your ears never get hurt even you listen up music for the long time. Outer plastic of headphones make them light and easy to carry. After spending $43 on them, you will get a pair that offers high quality of sound with brilliant design.

AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line

1. AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line

If you are a person who loves to buy fashionable and colorful headphones then it is AKG Q460 Mini that you should purchase. Lime color is not only unique but also very fresh. Soft on-ear cushions offer extreme comfort. Noise isolation is made possible through closed back design. Impressive design is combined with the balanced quality of sound. You can get these light weight and nice-looking headphones for $100 from Amazon.

Now tell me which one of these would you like to buy.

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