20 Creative and Inspiring Photographs


A great philanthropist and photo journalist, Henri Cartier  Bresson once gave a statement that, “Snapping a picture is like capturing the emotional moment and state of any object”. The incredibility of a picture depends largely on the expertise of the photographer. In the last few years, we have seen many photographers rise to popularity because of the beautiful pictures captured by them, but there is no replacement for the pictures that have been inspiring people from centuries.

Creative Photography is all about the artistic ability:

A creative photographer always watches the objects in a different way than a regular person. The artistic abilities of a photographer are a gift given to him by nature. However, this ability can be developed by the photographer with time and the right space. The inspiring photographs of the century are often created by the photographers who were considered to be absent minded as they were always lost in their artistic thought. An artistic picture needs the innovative approach by the photographer.

The Key Point:

The inspiring photographs that shook the world from beneath always had a deep connection with alternative art. The mind of a creative photographer is said to work on totally different principals than a regular photographer. The ability to create magic out of a regular object is the reason why creative photographers have inspired generations till date.


20 Example of Creative and Inspiring Photographs

Below is the best example of creative photography by various photographer, make sure you check it out and share your thought in comment section below.


Sharad Haskar:

Born in Chennai, Sharad Haskar is a well known photographer, who has been inspiring generations for years now. He got the limelight in 2002, with the creation of 1pointsize, a creative hot shop. This was followed by his expedition to float one island, a virtual island for the shoot of photographs. In 2011, he launched One Eyeland Book, which provides a platform for various creative photographers to showcase their pictures. Here are some of his photographic works, which inspire many people:


sharad 2







Eric Johansson:

The Swedish Photographer Eric Johansson is widely known for the artistic nature of his work.  He claimed in an interview that “he uses the pictures to materialize the ideas that run in his mind”. The work of this photographer has received a positive acclaim by many critics and continues to stand as an inspiring figure for many aspiring photographers. Here is the work of this photographer that inspired many people.

eric 1

eric 2

eric 3

eric 4

eric 5

eric 6

eric 7

eric 8

eric 9

eric 10

Koen Demuynck:

He is simply the most reputed photographer from Belgium. The works of this photographer have received accolades from the veterans of photography. He has been active in this field for a long time now and has been inspiring many budding professionals.





Creative photography is a complete concept and is incomplete without a perfected vision of a photographer. For inspiring people, the picture should speak a thousand messages. This is an attribute that makes a creative picture stand out from the rest and inspire generations.

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