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Reminding Ticket – Smart Traveler Gadget

Trains are a convenient mode of short, medium and long distance travel around the world’s. When you travel by train, it can be really easy to miss your destination especially if you are in foreign cities or countries. Looking this as a problem Reminding Ticket being designed by Frank GUO, Sharsha LEE, Stuart MORROW, WANG Hung to keep remind you when your train will departure.

Reminding Ticket is a smart concept that reminds passengers it’s time to get ready to take off by using flashing lights and vibration. Every train carriage has its own transmitter, by using RFID technology and each ticket has its own destination data, the transmitter sends signal to your ticket about 5-minutes before arrival. With flashing light and vibrator Reminding Ticket is a must have gadget that any traveler need.

Reminding Ticket by Frank GUO, Sharsha LEE, Stuart MORROW, WANG Hung

Reminding Ticket Reminding Ticket

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