Uh Oh, Are You Making These Common Company Security Mistakes?


Uh Oh, Are You Making These Common Company Security Mistakes?

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You do need to keep business security in mind when you’re running a business. You can’t forget that your business is probably worth quite a lot. Even the smallest security fault could put the value of your company at risk. But remember, it’s not just you or your business that could stand to lose a fortune. Your customers will suffer too and this, in turn, will have an impact on your business reputation. As such, there are multiple reasons why you must keep a check on security.

You may find it surprising to learn that most security issues in business aren’t caused by massive blunders. They are due to little things in the security model of the company that was completely overlooked. Don’t join the masses of business owners who have lost millions by making these silly mistakes.

No Exterior Security


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There are multiple forms of exterior security that you can invest in to keep your business safe and secure. Shockingly, though, most companies don’t have any. Instead, they are left completely vulnerable to physical threats such as a break in or even vandalism. Let’s not forget that damage to your property can impact on your company in the same way that a theft can. It makes your business look unprofessional and unprotected.

You should be looking into security such as CCTV cameras and even lighting. Shadows around your business property provide the perfect opportunity for thieves. They can use the shadows as blind spots to slip inside your business property, completely undetected.

Silly Password Mistakes

Uh Oh, Are You Making These Common Company Security Mistakes?

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You must be careful when creating passwords for important files on your computer hard drive. Your password should not be obvious to anyone with access to your business office. It should be made clear here that your understanding of obvious is probably slightly skewed. For instance, you might have a picture of your family on your business desk. If a thief breaks in, they might guess that your password includes your wife’s name or your son’s. Then, they can search for your social profile online and find the name of your wife or children. After that, they can use the same social profiles to skim for birthdays and other interesting pieces of information. Soon, they have all the information required to crack a typical password. Worse still, an average hacker will gain access in just a few minutes. As such, your business passes shouldn’t include any personal info at all. They should be completely random. A hacker can still break through a password like this, but it’s a lot more difficult. You may also want to consider using encryptions as an extra security measure.

Too Much Trust

Uh Oh, Are You Making These Common Company Security Mistakes?

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Do you trust your employees completely? You should probably reconsider this stance. If someone does steal from you statistically, it’s most likely going to be an employee. As such, you need to be very careful with who you trust with important security information. For instance, not everyone should have passwords to everything. You need to modulate business security and ensure that no one knows how to gain access to all files. If you do this, you have covered one problem with your employees. You have certainly not solved all of them because there’s another specific issue.

Employees will be using your network, and they won’t always be accessing it to make your business productive. Instead, they’ll be using it in their spare time for various reasons. This could include updating their social profiles, searching Youtube videos and virtually anything else. This might not seem like a major problem, but it presents two issues. First, the more they use it, the more stretched your bandwidth will be. Second, and perhaps more importantly, they’ll be exposing your business to a security risk. These sites and networks are far more likely to be hosting viruses and malware. You need to do everything you can to keep these bugs off your systems. That means you can’t trust employees. Instead, you should invest in network surveillance and ensure you know exactly how your systems are being used.

No Support


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It might be wise investing in IT support for your business if you want it to stay secure. There are a couple of reasons why this is a smart move. First, an IT support company can make sure your business is secure from the beginning. They will work hard to set up a network for you that doesn’t have any cracks that a hacker can slip through.

Second, IT support businesses operate on a 24/7 service system. This means that they will be there to help you with a problem, no matter when it occurs. It’s useful because if an issue occurs out of hours, it can be resolved before the next working day.

Then there’s the small matter of a disaster recovery outcome. If your business is hit by a disaster, then you want to make sure that your business does recover as quickly as possible. With an IT support team on your side, disaster recovery can be completed in just minutes. They can help you restore corrupt files and get back on track. Without a service like this, it can take days or even months. At that point you might as well just roll over, your business is dead.

Too Wary Of New Tech

Uh Oh, Are You Making These Common Company Security Mistakes?

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There are plenty of business owners on the market right now that are resisting using new tech. Instead, they stick to the same software and programs that they have been utilizing for years. This is why nearly fifty percent of UK businesses still use Windows XP. In a way, it makes sense. Business owners don’t have to waste a fortune on new software and spend time training up staff. But at the same time, where do you draw the line? As well as this, it’s important to realize that tech updates often come with increases in security. Without these increases, it’s easier for a serious security threats to take down your company. You need to put your faith in new tech and get the extra protection offered on the market.

If you avoid these mistakes, you’ll be able to keep your business secure for years.

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