Tips on Designing a Great Logo for Your Business


Tips on Designing a Great Logo for Your Business

Tips on Designing a Great Logo for Your Business

People always make it hard to design a logo. Yes, you will need to make one special image of your brand so the people will like it and they will like your business too. It does not mean that you should waste days from your life only to find out one good logo design.

If you are an expert designer then some easy steps can help you to make a unique logo.

Find out what you want to tell to your customers through the logo

This is the very first thing that you need to do. Know your business and know your customers. What your customers would like to see as a brand image and what your company should tell to the customers through the logo.


There are several types of logo so you should find one perfect type. Basically there are three types of logo. Font logo, symbol logo, and abstract logo are the three types. Most of the times, people choose font and sometimes abstract. Symbols are popular too.

Clean and simple logo

Do not add too many colors and do not add too many designs. If you use fonts then try to use one font, which is easy to understand. Some experts try to make a good design and finally they make one, which has no meaning to the customers.

Put the name of your company  at  the perfect place

It does not matter how big the name of your company is you should not miss to mention it in the logo. Try to use the short form of the big name of your company.

If You Not a Designer


If you are not a designer then you should hire one perfect logo maker. Search online logo design providers. You will get a list of many websites by a single Google search. Many online companies offer making logos for companies and different products. You may own one company but several products and if you want to make different logos for different products then it will be not a bad idea.

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However, you cannot make two logos for your company because it will make customers confused and both of the logos will fight against each other to be the popular one. You also can hire specific individual just to create unique logo for your business, this way it will save your money.

But if you are not satisfied by one or two designs then you should open a logo design contest because one designer will not design for his or her lifetime to make you accepting a final logo. You can hire on through the freelancing site or you can directly order one logo provider who has a website.

You can check the quality of pre-made logos, which will help you to know about the designer. Steps are very easy to get one logo for your company. You cannot change it too often so it is better to get one perfect logo at the first time no matter how much it costs you.


Good news from my friend Chris at 48hourslogo . Just a few days ago, their website has reached a major milestone. A total of ONE MILLION logos has been submitted since they launched the website in 2010. To date, more than 15 thousand small businesses and entrepreneurs have used their service to create their custom logo. The community of logo designers has grown quickly and  together has submitted a total of more than 1 million logos. Congratulation to Chris and his team at 48hourslogo.

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