Are You Putting Yourself At Risk Online? Don’t Fall Into These Traps


It’s easy to feel a little blase about using technology, particularly if you’ve never experienced a problem. Be careful though because before you know it, money could be draining from your account like no tomorrow. At that point, it will be too late to heed this warning.

Don’t Use Repeat Passwords

If you’re accessing accounts online, it’s important that you don’t repeat your password over and over again. If a hacker gets one password then this way they’ll have all of them. Eventually, that will mean that you lose everything. You also want to be careful how easy your passwords are to crack. Don’t use anything that someone with basic information about you would be able to guess.

Avoid Allowing Cookies

Cookies store information about you online. You might have seen this request when you use a new site. There is no reason for a website to store any information about who you are. If they do this, they are leaving you open to the possibility of online theft. That’s why you should always block cookies unless you trust the site completely.

Always Block Ads

Popup ads are dangerous because they’ll lead you somewhere online that you don’t want to go. It could be an unsecured site or a new page designed to infect your computer. Blocking ads is the best way to avoid this possibility. Even if it does mean you miss the next, great deal.

Stay Anonymous

It is still possible to stay anonymous online if you take the right steps. By doing this, you can avoid people being able to access information about you when you visit their site. To do this, just have a look at the following infographic to learn all about VPNs.

Infographic Design By Fried

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