New Startup? Here’s Where You Need To Be Spending Your Money


Having an idea is exciting; having an idea and the money to make it happen is very exciting! But there’s also an added responsibility when there’s cash involved. Take the wrong steps, and you’ll have spent your budget without anything to show for it. Take the right steps, and you might be laying the groundwork for your company to be successful for many years to come. If you don’t know where to start, take a read of our advice below.

New Startup? Here’s Where You Need To Be Spending Your Money


Market Research

Your company is a lot about you but even more about your customers. If you don’t spend the money finding out to whom exactly you’re trying to sell, you’ll be lost in the world without a map, just hoping to stumble upon the right idea. In the early days, you should dedicate a significant portion of your budget to market research, as this will help formulate the rest of what you do. It’s akin to buying the keys that unlock the drawers of success. If you do it properly, then all your answers as to where you should take the company will be there in front of you.

Online Presence

Nothing can be so detrimental to a company as an inferior online presence. Spend the money on high quality website development, and you’ll have a platform that represents your company; not necessarily where it is now, but where it will be in the future. Having a high standard website is the first step of your marketing campaign; fail to put sufficient effort into developing this side of your business, and it’ll be finished before it even began.

Staff and Outsourcing

New business owners are sometimes reluctant to spend money on hiring other people to do the work that they could do themselves, but it’s a worthwhile (and many would say necessary) expense. Put simply: you might be a master of a couple of things, but you can’t do everything, and spending the money to bring on board the people who can take your business to the next level will make a lot of sense when it comes to the bottom line. If you really don’t want/can’t afford to hire staff, look at outsourcing a few specialized jobs instead.

The Essentials

There are a lot of necessary expenditures when you’re a business. You need business insurance, the hardware to help you succeed, and the office space from which to do it. You don’t have to spend big money on these things, especially the hardware and office space, but you will need the minimum that allows you to do your job properly. Nobody wants to be wrestling with an inferior laptop that keeps crashing as they’re trying to get their business off the ground!

What to Avoid

Most things that can be a part of a company don’t have to be. In the early days, you’re best avoiding anything is purely cosmetic; it will not be money well spent. Save the futuristic office and company car until you’ve actually had success!

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