The Easiest Ways For Your Business To Go Green

Being green is a bigger talking point these days than ever before. As more and more concern about the state of the world hits the media, and start-ups with a distinctly green brand identity pop up all over the world, the pressure is on to be more eco-friendly, both in our personal and professional lives. If you’re in the process of growing a new business, and you haven’t paid much thought to how you’re going to make your brand stand out as a green one, it could turn out to be your undoing. Here are some effective and accessible ways for your business to go green…

The Easiest Ways For Your Business To Go Green

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Switch to Post-Consumer Goods

One of the easiest transitions you can make as a business owner trying to go green is buying more post-consumer recycled goods for use at your company. Wherever it’s possible, avoid using paper entirely. If you have to print and jot things down, on the other hand, make sure you’re using as much eco-friendly paper as possible. Just remember that the recycling wheel logo is unregulated when you see it being offered by a lot of retailers. Make sure that it’s certified as post-consumer waste. When it comes to printer paper, for example, a “PCW” certification will mean that it’s 100% made from the kind of paper you put in your recycling bin.

Switch to Biodegradable Cleaners

By getting your cleaners to start using natural, biodegradable cleaning products, you can reduce your staff’s, and possibly your customer’s exposure to harsh, harmful chemicals. You’ll also generally prevent these chemicals from entering the environment at large. True, you’ll have to spend a little more, but the results you’ll be working towards makes the extra cost well worth it. The next time your business runs out of any cleaning products, look for a vendor that sells greener products in bulk, rather than making another order from your usual supplier. You can read about some popular green cleaning products at

Start Using Greener Lighting

Like green cleaning products, LED and CFL lights have higher purchase prices compared to standard incandescent bulbs. However, they also last much longer, and use far less energy. Modern LED and CFL light bulbs can be used in conventional fixtures, and while you’ll see a pretty big hole in your cash flow to begin with, this one simple change can save you hundreds of dollars in a relatively short space of time.

Organize an Energy Audit and Make the Recommended Changes

Simple changes like sealing up all the leaks and cracks in your office building can shave up to a fifth off of your heating and air-con costs, all the while giving you one more way of showing your customer base how green you are. A lot of states will perform free energy audits, and may even pay for some of the recommended repairs. Just bear in mind that these audits can be a little thin on the ground compared to environmental consulting services from companies such as this:

Power your Office Using Sustainable Energy

There are many areas of the country where you’re able to sign up and purchase green energy from your current utility provider. As you probably know, “green energy” is any energy generated from sustainable sources, such as wind and solar farms, geothermal, hydropower and so on. Purchasing this kind of energy for your business will bump up your current energy bill by a small amount, but again, you’ll be able to assure your customer base you’re doing your part to save the environment.

Have Your Employees Commute Differently

One of the easiest ways for a lot of businesses to make their operation greener is encouraging employees to ditch the cars every now and then, and get to work using greener methods. Carpooling, using public transport, or best of all riding a bike can all shave down your business’s overall carbon footprint. If you’ve got a big travel expenses account, it can also save your business a lot of money in the long run. Whether you do it through a rewards system or simply encourage your workers to pitch in, pushing for greener commuters is one of the most accessible ways to make your business more green.

Turning your business into a bastion for eco-friendliness isn’t easy, but in the long run, the benefits always outweigh the costs. By following the tips above, you can save thousands in energy and other costs, all the while establishing your business as one of the brands that will save the world!


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