Your Marketing Checklist: Has Your Business Taken All Of These Steps?


Marketing your business is essential to its growth. No matter how well you are doing, you must continue marketing in a variety of ways to continue getting a steady stream of customers. Below is your marketing checklist. Be sure you business is taking all of these steps in order to be successful!

  1. A Website

The first thing your business needs is a website. Your customers need this to access information about your company and what they are buying. Make sure that it looks professional by buying a WordPress theme. Then be sure that it matches your company’s branding.

  1. A Strong Online Presence

Be sure you have a strong online presence. The 5 Digital Quotes team can help you with this. A company like 5 Digital Quotes will build your brand’s presence online. They improve your SEO so that your website gets more exposure, as well as using Pay Per Click advertising. Building your online presence is an essential step in marketing your business, as you will gain many customers by growing it.

  1. Social Media Accounts

Your company should have social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter. These pages make it easier for customers to connect with your business, and stay informed about any changes or developments.

Your Marketing Checklist: Has Your Business Taken All Of These Steps?‘Link’

  1. Advertising

Advertising is a vital area of marketing. You should do this both online and locally. Online, again you can use PPC advertising. You can also advertise your social media accounts by sponsoring them on sites such as Facebook. This will get more traffic to your website and your social media accounts. You should also advertise locally. If you are a trade particularly, advertise in the local newspaper. There are plenty of people who still look towards more traditional adverts to buy. You can consider the newspaper or even local radio.

  1. Mailing List

Once you have customers, you need to try and keep them. If you can get their email address when they place an order with you, ask if they can be added to your mailing list. You can then send them updates about your business and what you are selling in order to keep them interested. You may even send them discount codes to encourage them to order from you again.

  1. Business Cards

You should have business cards printed for you to take everywhere with you. If you mention your business to someone, they are sure to be interested but will have probably forgotten the name by the time they get home. Giving them a business card means they have that essential information. It is the little things like this that will make a difference.

Your Marketing Checklist: Has Your Business Taken All Of These Steps?‘Link’

  1. Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great thing for your company to get involved in. Look for one that is relevant to your area of expertise, and attend with a variety of your employees. Talking to people about your brand is a great way to market your business, particularly at thing sort of event.

Be sure to use all of these steps to maximize your business’ potential. Good luck!

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