Low-Budget Advertising Ideas That Are Perfect For Startups


Focusing on advertising is incredibly important for startups. If your company get the exposure it needs, you’ll gain more customers, and your sales will increase. It’s clear that for new businesses, the key to success is plenty of exposure. The problem, however, is that most startups have small budgets, which can make advertising a little difficult. Or at least, that’s how it seems.

Believe it or not, even for startups with very little cash to spare, there are plenty of effective marketing methods. Below is a list of effective marketing ideas that work well but won’t break the bank. Have a read, take note, and implement these ideas.

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Add a blog to your website

Have you ever wondered why blogging has become such a big deal in the business world? Well, the reason for this is simple, blogging is a fantastic form of free advertising. Add a blog to your website and you’ll find that not only does your search engine ranking rise but also the traffic your website is getting. Especially, if you’re sharing content on social media. Oh, and don’t forget to use Google Adwords to ensure your content is search engine friendly.

The content you create should link to your business but not be about it. It should focus on ‘hot’ topics within the industry that you work in. For example, Calvin Klein has just introduced their first plus size model; she’s in no way plus size. This has caused great controversy in the fashion industry. There are already thousands of posts about this because people know that controversial articles are much more likely to be a hit. You never know, you may even go viral.

PPC advertising

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Another fantastic low-cost advertising option is pay per click marketing. This is a great option as you get an advert for your company on a website that gets high traffic but you only pay per click. For example, for each time someone clicks on the advert, you would have to pay a set amount to the website owner. Or if you’re using ppc management services, then you would need to pay your provider. It’s a great option as it’s budget-friendly and it is an effective marketing method.

Be smart on social media

It’s no secret that social media is a fantastic marketing tool, but it’s a case of being smart about how you use it. As well as Tweeting regularly and sharing interesting content, it’s also a good idea to hold giveaways and contests. These are a great way to boost brand awareness, as they allow you to interact with lots of different social media users. As part of the contests or giveaways that you run, you can make it a requirement that anyone who enters subscribe to your newsletter via email. This then means that you have more people on your subscriber list and potentially a lot of new customers.

Host a class or event

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Last but not least, consider holding a class or event. This doesn’t have to be a physical class or event; it can be an online one. By hosting a class or event, you will once again boost your brand’s exposure. Offer your first few events for free and then as your brand’s exposure grows, you can start charging for them. This way you’ll be making money and will have a larger budget to work with for future advertising.

So there you have it, a range of low-budget advertising ideas that are perfect for startups.

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