Make Your Shots Shout With These Top Tips


Even the best photographer can struggle to get their work noticed particularly as photography becomes more accessible and more people turn their hand to the art.

So if you’re desperate to get your hard work noticed here are some top tips for getting your shots shouted about.

Make Your Shots Shout With These Top Tips

Image from Curve Magazine

Let’s start with the basics – if you want to get noticed then you need to take noticeable shots. If you’re new to photography try one of the many photography workshops available online to improve your technique and ultimately your end result. There is no substitute for raw talent and a creative eye but a bit of guidance and expert advice can do wonders for your images.

Even if your skills are improving you can get noticed by creating something different. Photography is not just an art because it produces beautiful pictures, it is a medium as versatile and arresting as paint so don’t be limited by either technology or subject matter, the only limits are your imagination. There are some excellent editing software available on the market that will enable you to play with effects and make your pictures pop.

Be social and create an online gallery, blog or website that showcases your work and your growing expertise in photography. You can exploit social media networks such as FaceBook and Instagram or create your own for a more personalised and professional look. Even if people don’t like all of your work they will be interested in your journey and ideas and you could build an audience of thousands across the world – how’s that for getting noticed!

Here’s an obvious one – if you want to get noticed then you have to share your work. Be confident and bold and let people in – even if they don’t like your pictures you could get invaluable feedback that will improve future shots. There is no better way of sharing your pictures than by entering photography contests.  Not only will you get your work noticed by professional photographers but you could also end up with cash prizes to help spur you on with your passion. You can find out about a range of competitions here.

It’s not just competitions that can earn you a return on your pictures. Another great way of getting paid for your work and getting your images noticed is to approach local newspapers and magazines for publication.  Photojournalism is also a way of testing yourself in terms of approaching new subjects and increasing your portfolio range.

Another great way of sharing your work and get ideas and advice is to join a local photography group or online photography forum.  Here you will meet like minded people as well as have the opportunity to share your work for feedback.  

Finally one of the best ways of getting yourself notice is to think like a professional photographer. Don’t limit your knowledge and understanding of photography to the camera – research your industry for a more professional approach to your craft.

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