7 Wondrously Photogenic Cities of the World


For many people, a trip to a foreign land is not complete without snapping that perfect photo. And this is a job that is made all the easier if the place you are visiting is naturally photogenic. So, we are going to be taking a closer look at seven cities you could visit to snap some beautiful pictures. We are going to be taking in cities around the world, so no matter which part of the globe you are interested in travelling to, there is an option for you. Let’s begin!


7 Wondrously Photogenic Cities of the World

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Without a doubt, one of the most photographed buildings in the world is the stunning Sydney Opera House. In fact, around that entire harbour area, it is difficult to take a bad picture. And it is certainly worth coming back at night when the whole place is illuminated. Away from the waterside, there are plenty of historical buildings that are worth taking in more detail. Plus, it is a vibrant and bustling city if you are more interested in taking people in your pictures.


Okay, this may be an obvious choice, but you simply couldn’t create a list of the most photogenic cities in the world without including Venice. With its canal-lined streets that are completely free of traffic, there is a beautiful shot around every corner, and the reflections in the water only adds to the overall effect. Your only issue may be getting some pictures without so many people in them! If you take a trip around the city by gondola, you will get a totally different perspective from which to take some great shots.

San Francisco

7 Wondrously Photogenic Cities of the World

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Moving onto the USA, there are plenty of photogenic cities out there but San Francisco stands out from the crowd. Of course, right at the top of the list of attractions is the stunning Golden Gate Bridge, and you also won’t want to miss out on snapping those iconic trams as they tackle the steep hills of the city. Head out into some of the different neighbourhoods, and you will find countless opportunities to take pictures of people from all walks of life.


The skyscrapers of Singapore were meant to be photographed at night when the skyline is illuminated and you get a true sense of the place. Again, this is another city that draws in all types of people to live and work, doing a wide variety of jobs including Singapore PR. But away from the towering buildings, there are plenty of leafy parks and quaint neighbourhoods where you can get some entirely different shots.


Again, a choice that you may have been able to predict beforehand, but Paris is simply too beautiful a city to be left off this list. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is what most people want to grab a great photo of, but there are plenty of other stunning sights including Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomf and the Louvre. Otherwise, you could simply spend some time wandering the streets and taking pictures of people enjoying the cafe culture that is so famous in this city.


7 Wondrously Photogenic Cities of the World

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Though Paris and Venice may be higher up on people’s lists of cities to photograph is Europe, Prague is one that should never be overlooked. Remarkably preserved after the devastation of the Second World War, the Old Town and Charles Bridge are the sights that tend to draw people in first. For architecture fans, there are a number of different styles which have been fused together. Hike your way up to the castle, and you will be able to enjoy some stunning views right across the city – certainly a sight to behold on a clear day.


While many of the world’s most beautiful cities have had to resist the effects of modernisation, Havana is still one which remains largely untouched. During Cuba’s tumultuous history, various settlers have made their mark on the place, which makes for a fascinating blend of architectural styles. And, of course, no trip to the city would be complete without taking a few photos of those classic cars that it is so famous for. If you are looking for a city that seems to be steeped in the past, Havana is the choice for you.

Though there are plenty more cities that we could include on this list, these seven give you a varied overview of some different places to visit with your camera in tow.  

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