Keeping Your Digital Information Safe – The Threats You Need to Know About


Threat to your data security are everywhere in the modern world. Learn what they are and go how deal with them from the article below.  

Mobile Devices

One of the biggest issues with digital security in the business world is the use of mobile technology. It’s not just leaving them on trains or buses by accident that can cause problems, though.

While out and about your employees can send and reply to emails and even log into documents and databases. The problem is you don’t  know if they are using a secure server to do this.

Free Wi-Fi is available all over the place in shops, restaurants and public spaces. But of course, it’s impossible to tell whether this WIFI is secure.

To maintain server security limit your employees to working when connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or work approved secure network.


Keeping Your Digital Information Safe - The Threats You Need to Know About

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Unfortunately, a high proportion of business still allow their employees to use USB sticks freely. This is surprising as one of the biggest threat to your digital security as a business can be those very employees.

Whether intentional or accidental leaks of data via an employee are common, and you need a robust security policy to minimize the risk of this.

Avoid the use of pen drives, encourage employees to use a secure cloud-based storage instead. It is also valuable to outline a policy for internet, and social media use at work, and how to deal with confidential customer information.


Hackers often use malware to gain access to sensitive information. Malware are programs that are hostile and can cause all sorts of issues.

The term includes viruses, spyware and the like. Some malware can seem normal but really be installing all sort of things on your PC or laptop. All of which can have a very negative effect on your business and threaten the security of your and your customer’s data.

Apart from the immediate problem of putting customers details, or your company’s finances at risk. Being hacked can also cause a lot of long-term problems for your business.

Customer trust levels often plummet after a hacking incident. Companies have to tell their customers when their data has been compromised, so there is no avoiding this type of fall out.

If that wasn’t enough, hacking could lead to you to become blacklisted from Google as an unsafe site. Which would have a devastating effect on both your company’s reputation and visibility.

To combat the potential threat from malware use the best endpoint security software, you can get. Not only does it intelligently predict possible threats and avoid them, but good endpoint software will repair the damage that was done. It is also essential to make sure that your system does not keep customer payment data and that you have a secure server.

Third Party Services

Another little known, but dangerous problem with digital data in the business world is the use of third party services. These can include cloud storage, software producers, and server maintenance companies. If their security is not air tight, then neither is yours. That is why it’s essential to encrypt any sensitive stat and use only approval and certified providers for your digital needs.

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