Hybridized Data: What’s The Point?


Hybridized Data: What's The Point?

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Data security and protection is becoming an increasingly large concern for businesses. Of course, the law in most countries states that a business has to be responsible for it’s data. Data losses and thefts can cause huge problems for any sort of business. So, businesses are always looking for new ways to secure their data.

One of the newest and probably most simple of these methods is to simply spread your data across multiple services. These systems are known as hybrid systems and can cover pretty much all of the data a business stores. To make these systems work, most companies will use a hybrid cloud solutions company, but that can come later.

Obviously, having your data stored across multiple platforms will make it much harder for your data to be stolen. If a thief wants to have access to all of your data, they will need to compromise multiple services. This is much harder than getting into one, as they will all use proprietary security measures. Most data thefts occur as the result of a random compromise. Thieves will seldom target your data especially. So, to get their hands on specific data, they’ll also have to get into multiple services.

Keeping your data across multiple services will also limit the chances of complete data loss. Most services will backup your data for you, often storing multiple copies, sometimes in several parts of the world. But, this doesn’t eliminate the risk of data loss entirely. But, say you use four services to store your data. It would take all four of the services going down completely for you to lose all of your data. It’s unlikely that even one of the systems will go down. But, if they do, most of your data will still be safe.

This sounds awfully complicated, though; accessing several services to manage your data. This is where a hybrid solutions company can come in. These companies will have their own file access platform, which you can use to access all of the data. They can do this because they have their own systems in place to be able to access most of the cloud storage providers available. This means that it’s simply a case of giving them your credentials for the services you use, and then they can tie them together for you. Often, the platform that you will be using will be much easier to use than the individual platforms provided by services.

That doesn’t address the problem of speed. And, you’re right to be concerned about that. The more you put between you and your data; the longer it could take to access it. But, this is a problem that will usually only affect big businesses. And, for those, there’s a solution. Instead of the platform being hosted by the solutions company, you will host a physical server yourself. This server will be the part of the operation that ties your services together. This makes it much easier to have your own servers as part of the system, as well.

This should give you a good idea of how hybridized data can benefit your business. Of course, an area like this is complex. So, it’s worth doing your own research to find the best option for you. Don’t worry, though; there’s plenty of companies out there offering these services!

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