5 Easy Ways To Boost Memory On Your PC


5 Easy Ways To Boost Memory On Your PC

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RAM has come a long way. The first computers dealt only in kilobytes. That’s a thimble’s worth of memory compared to the huge warehouses of space on our computers now. Nonetheless, with programmes constantly demanding more memory to run and our desire for more information and easy-access tools constantly increasing, modern computers will still run out of storage space. The first sign of low memory is usually slow loading times and multiple programme crashes. If this is happening, here are some ways that you can expand your PC’s memory and get it back to full function.

Defrag your computer

Most modern computers run an automatic disk defragmentation on a regular basis. This process frees storage space by reorganising where everything is put. If you haven’t ran a defrag for a while, your memory could simply need a little rejigging, the same way a messy cupboard might just need reordering in order to fit more in.

Check for viruses

The slowness may be simply down to a malware programme downloading unnecessary junk onto your computer. Check your anti-virus software to see if has detected anything. Alternatively rogue programmes may be blocking your anti-virus software from operating. If this is the case, consult IT support and see if they can eliminate the problem.

Uninstall unused programmes

Unused browser tools, untouched software and games you no longer play may all be taking up space that could be used for other tools. The same way you might remove clutter from your house, get rid of these unused programmes. Having a clean through all your documents and downloads can also be cathartic.

Install a RAM cleaner

There may be some programmes sitting around, doing nothing in the background that you don’t know about. The best way to find these programmes is to install a RAM cleaner. This device will go through your computer clearing up all these unused background tools without affecting anything important.

External memory

Buying an external hard-drive or memory stick is the simplest way to increase memory. Instead of cleaning up space, buy more space. These devices can be great locations to put backup folders, as well as information such as music and important documents that you wouldn’t want to lose if your computer died. Of course, you can also use these units to transfer information between machines.

Cloud Storage

Some are abandoning storage on their computer entirely an opting for the Cloud. This sends all your information to a secure remote server somewhere giving your computer all the space it needs to keep running efficiently. Cloud storage is often free up to a certain amount of memory usage. You can also access your cloud-stored information from any device you wish including your phone, your friends laptop or a PC in an internet café. Similarly, if your computer dies or is stolen, you can buy a new PC and access all your information without having to rebuild.

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