How Can Video Marketing Benefit My Business?


With the many different marketing methods in circulation, you’d be forgiven if you forget to use one of them. Most companies will use social media, email and physical marketing, but those that limit themselves to just these are missing out.

Video marketing has never been more popular, or more effective. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all thrive on those 30-second clips, and they’re the best way to get in front of a million people. If you produce a funny, engaging product that is well made, your business will look all the more professional.

How Can Video Marketing Benefit My Business?Credit: Pexels

  1. Consumers are watching more and more video every single day

Year over year, YouTube watch time is up 50 percent, and billions of views are accumulated every single day. They aren’t figures to be ignored, especially by your marketing department. If more and more people are watching them, why not jump on board? This doesn’t signal the death of other forms of marketing. It just signals the dawn of the digital age. The fact of the matter is, most people consume content on a phone and videos are the best way to reach these devices.

  1. They’re easy to produce professionally

It won’t do to just whip up a quick video of you and your mates goofing around. A proper, substantial video marketing campaign can engage consumers from across the globe. You’re spoilt for choice when searching for a corporate video production company, and it’s never been simpler to get filming.

  1. Videos are ripe to be shared

Have a scroll down your Facebook or Twitter feeds, and you’ll notice that the majority of posts aren’t plain text. Most people are more inclined to engage with videos, and other media forms like GIFs.

How Can Video Marketing Benefit My Business?Credit: Flickr

There are several reasons for this. One, the visual medium of videos breaks any boundaries or language or education. A person slipping on a banana peel is funny in Spanish, English or German. However, a lengthy Facebook post about the way your company runs will only be relevant to a select few. Videos are near universal in their reach, and you won’t be boxing yourself in.

  1. Videos rank highly on search engines

It’s possible to format videos so that they can trump other forms of media for those valuable search engine rankings. Sure, having a blog is going to get you up there, but you need other media forms to truly assert your dominance. The difference between your business being successful and dying out could rest on your web presence. So, take the steps to get yourself as noticed as possible.

How Can Video Marketing Benefit My Business?Credit: Pixabay

  1. They’re easier for people to digest

Ask most millennials what they’d rather do; read a 15-minute article or watch a 2-minute video. In fact, give anyone those two choices and they’ll likely opt for the latter. In a world where so many things demand our time and energy, watching a quick video is much more efficient. Plus, having things be spoken to you, rather than reading them yourself, makes them more easy to digest.

So, in short, don’t neglect the power of the video. You can break down all sorts of cultural differences, and reach millions of different people.

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