A Google-friendly bag of tricks for amplifying your online presence


Google is keen to improve the user experience on its platform for its users. With this in mind, they are committed to delivering relevant results for web users search queries that are trusted by external sources. To rank on the first page of Google, website managers must be prepared to develop relevant content that is valuable to the user. Secondly, the website must improve its authority by acquiring relevant links. SEO experts from Digital Next provide advice that will help amplify a website’s presence on Google.

Improve the search relevancy of the website.

Keyword relevancy impacts the SEO performance of your website dramatically. To improve the content’s chance of being seen on search engines, the relevant keywords must appear within the web page’s title, description metatag, throughout the web content and also be marked-up in the headings.

Content strategy.

It is important that content is strategically implemented onto the website. Long-form content tends to perform better in organic search since more keywords can be implemented into the web copy. Short copy can still perform well, however it’s ability to gain wide organic exposure is limited to the amount of keywords used within the copy. A content strategy can be executed through the website’s blog posts, articles, news, whitepapers and salescopy.

Improve the authority of the website.

The way your website will gain authority is from the links that it receives. By getting the right links from relevant websites, the website will start to gain visibility in organic search. Some link building tactics that can be used include:

Guest blog posts.

Guest blog posts are the most scalable way to gain inbound links to your website from authoritative web sources. There are several websites that want content contributed on their site. The link back to your website can be in the form of an author bio or a contextual link. It is also a great way to build your website’s and author credibility, which can open up more opportunities to appear on other high profile publications.

Website outreach

Website outreach is a more difficult tactic to implement, but if it is implemented successfully it will catapult the website onto the first page of Google. The process involves researching and identifying websites that are relevant to your website. The authority of the website should also be high. Metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow can help to identify authoritative websites.

Once the websites have been identified, the webmaster should pitch the other website via email or phone in order to get featured on the site. The content that is pitched needs to be relevant to their site and benefit their audience.

Social media promotion.

Share your website’s content through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so it will have the chance of getting discovered. Ensure that social media posts are tagged with relevant hashtags that will make it easy for your content to be discovered.

Enhance the technical elements of your website.

Google wants to provide web users with the best user experience possible. The technical foundation of your website must benefit the web user experience as well as Google. Google has mentioned web page loading times as one of the ranking factors. Webmasters should work on improving their site’s page loading times to less than 2 seconds.

Additionally, Google has emphasised the importance of optimising for mobile devices. Webmasters should implement a website theme that is responsive for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Other technical elements such as Google friendly web URLs for web pages and digital content will also help with boosting the organic search visibility.

To give a website the best opportunity to rank well on Google’s organic search listings, the Digital Next team recommends implementing these tips to improve the website’s authority and search relevancy. Once implemented, the webmaster can expected the organic search visibility to improve.

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