Is an Employee Leaving Your Company- Check Out These Gift Ideas to Show Them You Care


Watching an employee leave the company is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand it is tough to lose someone valuable. You have helped shape this person’s career, played a significant role in their development. On the other it is hard not to feel proud. They are moving on to potentially bigger and better things, and it is at least partially thanks to you that they are able to do so.

As they go you should let them know they mean something to you and your company. Give them a present to let them know that you wish them well, and that they will be missed.

1. Whiskey or Wine

Alcohol is one of the go-to presents, and for good reason. It is not often that people get to treat themselves to a bottle of something special. By giving your employee a particularly fine wine, whiskey, gin, or whatever their preference us you are sending a positive message.

You are telling them that you wish them to enjoy themselves. You want them to be able to take their time to sample one of the finer things. The unique taste of their preferred drink will hopefully recall the unique time they spent with your company.

2. Custom Stationery

If you wish to give them something a little more permanent then a luxury stationery set is a great option which they can take on to their next role. If you give them something useful that they will use every day, say an engraved pen, you help to forge a permanent bond between you and them. This way they’ll remember you every time they go to jot a note in their pad. Even if the gift wears out, runs out of ink, or some accident befalls it, there is a good chance they will keep it as a memento regardless.

There are many places you can go to buy stationery online. The options for what to buy and how to customise a gift are nearly endless. This way you can ensure that you find the ideally suited gift.

3. A Mug

It sounds really plain, but there is a lot to it. In any office environment mugs have to be one of the most used items. It is a very rare employee that does not enjoy working over a steaming hot mug of coffee, tea or cocoa. Everyone has their own mug and it is a good way for them to inject a little personality into their work environment.

Custom mugs are something we have all encountered before. However, have you ever stopped and really explored the options available? Mugs actually come in a huge variety. You could give your employee and opaque mug and say nothing about it. When they next go to use it there could be a hidden message that is revealed by the heat of the liquid. Perhaps you simply wish to show that you appreciate high quality items, and give them a mug of finest bone china.

4. Ties

Help your employee stand out at their next job with a great tie. Either way ties and scarves make for great leaving gifts. You could push things a bit and get them a novelty singing or light-up tie. Do not tell them what it will do for a big surprise later!

The great thing about ties and scarves is the variety. As with all gifts you want to show your employee that you appreciate them as an individual. That is why it is always good to look for something that will suit them. Ties and scarves fit the bill perfectly.

 5. An event ticket:

If you know the employee well enough and have an understanding of their interests outside of work, this is a great opportunity to show them you care with a concert ticket or even a festival ticket. If this is a little too out there, even paying in advance for a restaurant meal is a great way of showing them you care and have appreciated their time as an employee at your company.

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