“Domain” Issue – Websites & Social Media’s Place In Marketing


As businesses can relay a whole marketing campaign to customers via social media, does it mean that companies can exclusively sell their business without the need for a website? Many very small businesses with a dedicated customer base may assert that there is no need to even have a website if they are just operating with an average turnover and they get most of their customers via Facebook, but websites have a part to play in the whole campaign.

Using Social Media To Market Your Business

"Domain" Issue - Websites & Social Media's Place In Marketing

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As a promotions tool, social media is invaluable in many ways. Going back 15 years, it would have been very difficult to find a way to get your products out to millions of potential customers without taking out a massive advertising campaign. Now everyone is able to do it, and this has a range of positives and negatives. Everyone now is able to get some help on analytics and social media sites will give you notifications to push your page to more people or to engage with the audience. As a result, there is a necessity to go to social media consultants to get strategies and to find a way to make your content stand out from the others. Social media is an essential part of the promotions package to make your products stand out, but as demonstrated by miniature businesses, it might not get enough traction unless there is a whole brand behind it. There are many people who have made the leap from part-time eBay seller to full-time home-worker, but those people do not have the funds or the necessary tools to make a business that is fully-functioning, complete with marketing campaigns and the manpower to constantly update their social media properly.

Relying On Just Your Website

"Domain" Issue - Websites & Social Media's Place In Marketing


If you choose to rely on your site purely as a means to generate custom, it also may not prove to be as lucrative as it once was, which is why it needs to be a part of the whole brand story. While social media cannot communicate your brand story properly, your website can! Your site is the platform to make sure you get across your image in a captivating way. And while there can be a certain amount of Facebook traffic, you need to use your site to take advantage of the many SEO tools that are out there. For example, gearing your content to include common search terms and to have relevant content, as well as constantly updating the site to make it rank as high in the search engine results as possible. Your website should be one of the main priorities in the marketing process, and a lot of your credibility can hinge on the quality of your site. Using a basic WordPress site may be a quick way to get your business online, but is it the best front for the company? In this case, outsourcing your efforts to a company that specializes in web design will be money well spent. Your website and your social media channels are but important, but one without the other will have a negative impact.

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