Defending Your Business Against Pernicious Colorado Prosecuting Attorneys


Law Is A Business Today

Don’t think of pernicious prosecutors as villains, however villainous their activity may be to a business defending itself. Such prosecution isn’t about destroying you personally, rather its goals tend more toward sourcing the highest sum in the final court decision. The more pernicious the prosecutor, the better their practice does financially.

It’s simply business. The thing is, as society in America becomes more litigious, prosecuting attorneys will naturally become more vicious—or seemingly-vicious. This is because there are more opportunities for them to generate profit for themselves and their firms by going after defendants in a concerted, dedicated manner.

The larger settlements a firm prosecuting businesses can acquire, the more high-profile clients they’ll be able to represent. If your competition happens to be working against you with such ruthless attorneys, you’ll need equally pernicious defense to maintain your business.

Corporate espionage is a big deal today. The larger your business is, the more vulnerable it is. It doesn’t matter what protections you bring to bear. Especially given the difficult times of the last eight years in an economic sense, desperation has made activities like corporate espionage more effective.

Think about it critically: if getting food on the table for your family becomes all but impossible in the wake of financial crisis, you’ll be willing to take a job with a company even as you’re paid by another, and sell the secondary company out with no regard to the fallout they sustain.

An Increasingly Litigative Society

What further complicates things is that law in America—and Colorado particularly—is so nebulous that oftentimes businesses break it without even realizing as much. There are stories today that should send regular American citizens into an outrage. For example, in one state someone selling lemonade in a stand was shut down by police for not having a license.

This is horrible, even though it’s entirely justified by law. The money made by such an individual is negligible, but modernity’s increasingly police-like state predicates legal strictures even at the basest level.

You may think you’re “flying too low” to be culpable for legal recriminations, but should some pernicious individual decide to prosecute, it could result in more than just business losses. It could result in personal losses as well.

When it comes to business law in Colorado, according to, a criminal defense lawyer can help defend you against “…prosecutors…[that] are particularly aggressive…[and] are fond of pressing high-level charges whenever possible…pursuing the maximum penalties after a conviction.”

Such prosecution doesn’t care that their activities could ruin the lives and livelihoods of Americans conducting small-business exploits with no malicious or legally undermining intent. What they care about is successful cases that get them increased exposure so that more high-profile clients can be sourced for representation.

Prosecuting Attorneys Are Fishing For More High-Profile Clients

In the business of law, attorneys act as salespeople whose product is their ability to win in court. The more they can demonstrate this ability, the more trustworthy their “product” is. Naturally this attracts greater financial interest from “bigger fish”, as the saying goes. Your small business might just be, in the lawyer’s eyes, bait on a hook.

If you haven’t had a lawyer from a defense firm go over your operations with a fine-toothed comb to ensure everything is above reproach, it makes a lot of sense to do so. There is so much law constricting businesses today, you may be culpable for a suit and not even realize it. You don’t want your competition to get wind of such a possibility.

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