5 Ideas To Help You Get That Next Big Client


5 Ideas To Help You Get That Next Big Client

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Whether you’re a small business or an established operation, there will always be a huge amount of pressure to secure new contracts and think in advance. It can be hugely stressful, trying to juggle your concern for the job to hand with the looming difficulty of securing the next job. And it can seem that as you are trying to distinguish yourself to your potential new boss, you are making the same meetings over and over again. Banging your head against the same wall over and over.

Well, luckily for you we’ve taken some time to think through the best ways to impress upon your potential client that you’re the business partner for them. Using these ideas, you should find that your new partner is attracted to you just as much as you need them. Your bosses will be impressed and your future will be secure.

Phone Number Tracker

Use a phone number tracker service to ensure that, when your new client calls, they are picked up and addressed right away. The office can sometimes be an unforgiving and busy place, where phones ring off the hook for hours on end. Make sure that you and your staff recognise the number of your potential new client, and be sure to pick them up as quickly as possible.

Follow Up

Talk is cheap, so you need to back it up with emails and reminders. If you agree on something in a meeting you should be particularly eager in this regard. Even if you just have a meeting that outlines a few different ideas, you should be making sure to send an email outlining what was discussed and what road you will be taking forward.

Competition Research

With the internet there’s no excuse not to research your competitors. Using the internet you should be able to understand what it is that your competitors can offer that you cannot, and you should be changing your plan to incorporate this. That competitor may be able to undercut you on price, but will they be able to provide services as extensive as yours?

Hospitality Budget

Even as a small business you should be developing a hospitality budget. With this you should be looking to develop a more personal relationship with your future clients. When you spend time and money together you are more likely to start considering a future together. This can be a great way to develop a rapport, and it can be a good idea to network like this for the benefit of your personal future as well.

Be Ruthless

There’s nothing wrong with shamelessly pursuing that new contract. You shouldn’t be afraid to be forward and bold, without being pushy of course. New contracts are the lifeblood of any business, so in pursuing them you are securing your business’ future. There’s no room to be shy in this market. If someone expresses interest in your services then you have to be prepared to follow through and call them after. Don’t be intimidated by the competition, and be decisive in your attempts.

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