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As the owner of a local, state or national business, you know that there are dozens of ways that you can advertise your company. You can pay thousands of dollars for television and radio ads, you can arrange for signs that sit on buses and benches and you can run ads in magazines and newspapers. A more affordable way to let others know about your business is with outdoor waterproof stickers. These stickers will stand up to snow, ice and other weather conditions without fading, and you can customize the stickers with any information that you need. You’ll find some simple and fun ways to use these stickers. 

Advertise on Buildings

When you have a shop or an office in a busy and crowded area, you need to have some way for your customers to locate you. Many business owners opt for painted letters on the front windows and doors of their offices and shops. When you paint information on your building, you need to worry about the paint flaking off or fading, which will require that you pay for new painting in the future. Outdoor stickers let you advertise your company and let others know your exact location. If you need to change anything in the future, you can simply peel away the old sticker and replace it with a new one.

Use on Cars

Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to advertise your company, but you can bring down the cost even further when you opt for waterproof stickers over vehicle wraps. You can decide on the size that you want too. This lets you select stickers large enough to cover an entire door and stickers small enough to place on your windows without getting in the way of your view. You can place as little or as much information as you want on the stickers, including the name of your company and your logo. If you have a popular local business, you can even sell those stickers in your store.

Pass Out to Customers

Word of mouth advertising is one of the best methods of grassroots advertising. Instead of spending a lot of money on an ad campaign, you can hand out stickers to your customers and let them advertise for you. They can place those stickers on everything from their bags to their vehicles. Every time they pass someone on the street, that person will take note of the sticker. Adding something as simple as your email address, website or phone number can help those new customers who see those stickers know how to reach you.

Inform Potential Customers of Sales

Did you know that you can buy large stickers that will instantly catch the eye? These large stickers are one of the best ways to inform potential customers of current and upcoming sales. You can place these stickers right on the front of your shop to catch the eye of anyone driving or walking by your store. You can also arrange for placement of those stickers on benches and other locations around town.

Outdoor stickers have a wide range of benefits for your company. When you customize and buy stickers today, you can advertise your business, pass out those stickers to customers, use the designs on your car and let the public know about a new sale.

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