5 Great Startup Ideas For Entrepreneurs That Love Working Outdoors


It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs want to start outdoors businesses. They don’t want to spend their days stuck behind a desk in an office. What they would prefer to do is spend more time out and about and enjoying nature. Especially during the warmer months of the year!

Here are five excellent startup ideas for people that want to work outside of a building every day:

1. Gardener

One of the perfect ways to enjoy nature is to start a gardening business. Entrepreneurs can select niche markets to promote themselves to. For instance, one could specialize in gardening for commercial customers. Others may prefer to work for golf course owners. And, let’s not forget about domestic customers too!

2. Pool Cleaner

Many homeowners have swimming pools in their backyards. As you can imagine, it can take a lot of time and effort to keep a pool clean. Especially when the effects of the winter weather have taken their toll. Pool cleaners earn a good living and are experts in their field.

3. Window Cleaner

There is likely to be more glass on people’s homes than there are swimming pools out the back! As such, window cleaning can be a more lucrative idea in most areas. There’s also the possibility of branching out to cleaning office windows too.

4. Tour Guide

Do you have a love for your hometown or city? And do you have an intimate knowledge of the area and its history? If so, becoming a tour guide could be the right business idea for you!

5. Tiler

Many homeowners often need professionals to repair or replace the tiles on their roofs. If that’s something you have experience in, you could set up a roof tiling business. Of course, you should ensure you use safe elevated working platforms for the purpose:

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