15 Minutes Mood Lamp by Hye mi Lee


Everything old is new again, or so it goes with this latest lamp design called “15 Minutes Mood Lamp” by Hye mi Lee. Mixing old uses with new technologies, this lamp design is intended for people who often go to sleep with the light on.

Some people are afraid of the dark, other people forget to turn off the light, and the other people fall asleep without their realizing it. These situations may occur having a trouble to fall asleep, and wasting of energy.

The designer comes with a clever lamp design that fall asleep with user. It consists of upper body and glass part. A sand on the other side falls down to the glass. The sand will slowly cover the lighting section. When the sand comes down completely, the power is switched off itself by the weight of the sand.

Even if you didn’t turn off the light before you go to bed, ‘15minutes’ is turned off slowly. So, you don’t have to worry about a waste of energy

15 Minutes Mood Lamp by Hye mi Lee 15 Minutes Mood Lamp by Hye mi Lee 15 Minutes Mood Lamp by Hye mi Lee

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