So – You Want To Take Your Business Overseas?


It wasn’t long ago that international business was something reserved solely for massive corporations. You had to have high flyers working in every department who all had a list of impressive contacts as long as their arm, and enough money to fly regularly across the world for important meetings. Nowadays, however, the advancement of the internet has allowed even much smaller enterprises to get a slice of the global action. Business owners are no longer limited to operating solely in their immediate geographical area – the world is quite literally their oyster. Getting into the international market is one way to help your business shoot up in the rankings and to help you earn a tasty profit too. However, before you dive straight in, there are a few things you need to know. International business requires an educated hand. Otherwise, you could be at risk of making a few mistakes and your business subsequently paying the price. Take a look at these tips for getting started in the global market and bringing your business to a whole new audience.

So - You Want To Take Your Business Overseas?

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Learn about the culture

You may just pick a country to expand into completely at random, or because it seems prosperous. But before business can begin, you will need to familiarize yourself with the culture of that particular country. Why? Well, for starters, the nature of your business may simply not be a good match with that specific location. If you run an alcohol company, for example, there is no point attempting to break into a country where for the most part, alcohol is prohibited. On another note, different cultures have varying business etiquette, so it can be worth learning these to maximize your chances of closing a sale when the time comes.

Learn the language

This might seem obvious to some of us, but you would be surprised at some people who go into international business thinking the language barrier won’t be a problem. Even if you assume the local people will speak the same language as you, it can always be worth learning a bit of the local lingo simply to be polite. If you’re going to learn a language for business benefits, make sure it is one of the big three: English, Spanish or Mandarin. Language is a hugely transferable skill, as you can see by reading something like Whether you learn in your own time or via a translator, being bilingual will only ever benefit you in business.

So - You Want To Take Your Business Overseas?

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Learn about the economy

Sure, there might be a potential market overseas just waiting to be tapped into. But before doing so, you will need to find out a bit more about the state of the local economy. If you are planning to set up an arm of your business abroad, you will need to take into account things such as the exchange rate, the protection policies available for businesses and the levels of access to vital resources, among other things. Moving part of your business abroad isn’t cheap, so you will need to ensure that you can definitely make this money back.

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