Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong


The only constant in this world is “change”. However, some things change faster than others, just like Logo trends.

Gone are the days when logo creation took weeks. Today, you can easily design a logo in 5 minutes if you have the right software. However, you still need to have some basic understanding of the design trends irrespective of your requirements.

Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Whether you are an individual who wants to create their personal website, or a budding entrepreneur striving for recognition in your industry, you must know what’s hot and what’s passé. On that note, the following are 6 of the biggest logo design trends that aren’t going anywhere (at least for quite some time):

  1. Color Transitions and Gradients

Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

One of the most creative ways to design a logo is to use the color transition technique. Besides, the role of color in branding is pivotal, which allows for a number of opportunities and possibilities in the design.

Although the color transition technique got in the limelight only a few years ago, it’s quite popular even today. That said, you must be careful when experimenting.

The following are some of the things you must keep in mind when creating a company logo with color gradients:

  • Don’t add the gradients until the solid version of the logo design is completed first.
  • It can be enticing to play with the colors and their gradients but it’s important that the choices you make are relevant to the brand and the logo itself.
  • The gradients you add should not compromise the quality of the logo. In other words, the logo should still look professional and refined after you are done.
  1. Simplicity and Minimalism

The simplest things are often the most powerful. The reason is simple- adding too many details to something, whether we talk about website design or logo design, can be overwhelming and even distracting. Keeping it “real” and simple, on the other hand, draws attention seamlessly without it appearing to be “working too hard”.

There a number of great examples of logo designs that are simple yet highly impactful, such as Facebook, Samsung, Sony, etc. This is because they are timeless, which is one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating the perfect logo for your brand.

  1. Negative Space

Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Negative space is one of the oldest techniques in photography and graphics design. However, it’s also widely used in company logos as well, including both logomarks and logotypes.

Generally speaking, negative space is the space around and between the subject (which would be the logo graphic in this situation). There are various ways to apply this technique, such as the example logo image above.

  1. AI-Powered Tools

Different design studios use different types of software tools for designing, editing, etc. However, we are quickly getting past these standard programs that require full intervention of the designer/user. Instead, more and more people are using highly advanced AI-powered software that can get the job done in a matter of minutes and deliver results that are at par with the premium design studios.

For instance, Tailor Brands is a pioneer startup that revolutionized the branding domain with its logo design software that can create unique, accurate and highly professional company logos for all kinds of businesses. In fact, you can design a logo in 5 minutes even if you aren’t tech savvy or lack the experience.

AI-based branding is here to stay, and this year it’s going to be even stronger!

  1. Flat Designs

Flat logo designs have become a staple for the modern web design and they are likely to stay in trend this year and perhaps in the next few years too. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • They reflect neatness and clarity. Thus, your brand identity is established in the most powerful and effective manner.
  • Due to their design, they can be easily used for a variety of purposes (billboards, physical promotional products, mobile websites, etc.)
  • They look visually sharp and attractive
  1. Stacked Lettering

Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

wHave a long brand name? If your answer is “yes”, then you would get the best results with a stacked lettering logo design.

As the name suggests, in stacked lettering you place all the words on top of each other so that the end result is an appealing and unique logo that you can use.

The key to creating a beautiful stacked lettering logo is using contrasting colors and unique fonts. It’s also best if you stick to just one typeface rather than mixing a bunch.

Bottom Line

New logo design techniques will go come and go. However, if you can create a timeless logo and dodge the issues that can stop your logo from having a high impact, then you won’t have to worry about rebranding for many years. Good luck!

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