Three Financial Services Careers You Should Consider


Have you ever thought about starting a career in finance? The financial sector in one of the most diverse sectors there is, with a wide range of career paths to choose from. Most of the finance-related careers available today are high paying positions and you will get many opportunities in your life that people in other industries will never get. The most popular financial services positions currently available include the following.

Taxation Expert

Everyone is affected by tax in one way or another and there is a huge demand for taxation experts in the business world. Once you qualify with an online master of science in taxation or a similar taxation qualification, there are many different types of jobs you can apply for locally, nationally, or internationally.

The most common taxation positions an online MST degree graduate can apply for include tax accountant and tax attorney roles. For those who are employed by an organization that trades abroad in other countries, there are many different types of international tax manager roles available too.


Almost every organization in every industry or business sector requires the services of a professional accountant. These financial professionals carry out various bookkeeping duties and they ensure that a business’s finances are recorded and managed properly.

Some accountants are employed by a business and work full-time hours for their employers. However, if you want to have more control over your working life, you could start your own accountancy practice. With so many individuals and businesses looking for this type of service, going out on your own has the potential to dramatically increase your income and greatly improve your standard of living, as well as providing valuable work for other accountants.

Three Financial Services Careers You Should Consider

Financial Advisor

With all of the financial products that are available today, it can be difficult to know which products to choose. Pensions, insurance products, and investments can be complicated and they are not always easy to understand. As a result, many people and businesses spend too much money on these financial products. As well as this, many people and businesses are not always the best at organizing their finances and need help from an expert in this area.

This is where a financial advisor can come to the rescue. Financial advisors have the skills and experience required to analyze the current financial situation of a person or business. Once they understand everything about your finances, they will put a plan in place to allow you to manage your finances in a much better way.

Financial advisors also have an in-depth knowledge of the latest financial products and what you should really be paying for these products. They can dramatically reduce your outgoings for pensions, insurance, and investments. As part of their service, the return you get on these financial products should also be higher.

Working in the financial sector has the potential to become a rewarding, lucrative career. After qualifying with a finance-related qualification, there are many career paths you can take. The three different types of careers mentioned above are amongst the most popular of these finance-related careers.

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