Things to Consider When Starting a Food Business


Food isn’t a fad. There has always been a strong demand for it and there always will be. Even on the day we can finally use futuristic pills instead of meals, everyone will still prefer to go out and eat good food.

The ability to make good food is not a guarantee of commercial success. Knowing how to cook and starting a business are two different things. Here’s a quick rundown of the things you need to consider when you start a food business!

Things to Consider When Starting a Food Business

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How will you go about it?

What kind of food business are you interested in? Do you want to open a bakery or a restaurant? Do you want to be a personal chef? Maybe you want to be in catering, or even be the business that makes the food the caterers buy. Work out what business would suit your personality and work ethic the most. If you’re good with people, for example, then opening a restaurant you place to work in would suit you.

What food will you be making?

You may be saying to yourself “well of course I’ve thought of that already!”. You probably have! But are you being specific enough? Say you’ve decided you want a place specialising in desserts. Well, that’s a pretty big group of foods. Will you be making cakes and cookies? Or ice cream and milkshakes? Or fruity, healthy desserts? Whatever it is, the customer needs to be able to see what it is you’ve got when they walk past the place.

Things to Consider When Starting a Food Business

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What equipment do you need?

You probably know what cooking equipment you’ll need. But what about everything else? Let’s say customers will be picking up food and bagging it themselves before paying (like you’d see in a lot of bakeries). You’ll need hygienic food handling equipment like tongs. If you’re going to be transporting food from one place to another, you may want to look at refrigerated vans for sale.

How will you market it?

The kind of food business you’ll be running will impact the marketing strategy you need. The first thing to consider is the distribution system and sales outlets for your products. If you’re going to have your own restaurant, then this question is probably already answered. If you’re making a food product that you want to sell on to markets, then there are several possible answers. In any case, you may need sales promotions and advertising.

Things to Consider When Starting a Food Business

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Will government regulations affect your plans?

You need to do your research on laws and government guidelines. Government regulations on food sold in public are pretty strict. This is something for which we should, of course, all be very grateful! But when you’re starting a food business you may find that these regulations hinder some of your plans. Don’t assume everything will be good and legal just because you’re a hygienic cook! For example, some areas may require you to get special food handling training to become a Certified Food Handler. There are also the regulations considering the type of building you’re using and where the building is.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour! Especially if you’re opening a desserts place. Dessert is the best thing ever. Check out our guide for boosting restaurant business with modern technology for more!

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