Six Bathroom Design Trends for 2018


Once upon a time, bathrooms were simply installed rather than ‘designed’. But, over the course of the last century, bathrooms have become so much more than a privy at the bottom of the garden. The bathroom has become the pride of a modern home, with different styles, colour-schemes and layouts giving the owner ample scope to exhibit his or her taste. A bathroom can become a little haven in the midst of domesticity.

But the bathroom boom poses a number of design challenges. What palette to use, which features to install, what look to opt for – the decisions can be overwhelming. Luckily, some companies will provide luxury bathroom design as part of their installation or renovation services – combining an eye for decor with a utilitarian understanding of your space. All you have to do is give them a steer on what you’d like, based on your personal taste and, if you’re looking for some inspiration, these bathroom design trends of 2018.  

Natural materials

Wooden features, whether oak, pine, or even bamboo, are going to become an integral part of bathroom designs in 2018. Woods are a highly adaptable material, and can create any impression, from modern sophistication, to a cosy, rustic-feel. Often quite a sanitised space, wooden features stop a bathroom feeling impersonal and cold.

Wood might be used for fundamental structures, like the bathroom floor and cabinets, or to form little, quirky, artistic touches that set a bathroom apart. Wooden carvings or even the creative use of branches, twigs or twine, can turn a bathroom from an uninspirational, functional space, into a naturally imbued get-away in the comfort of your own home.

Dark and Contrasting Colours

A dark or monochrome pallet will lend your bathroom a luxurious feel that won’t wear with the decades. What may seem like a bold choice is actually a safe one, as the use of dark, block colours for floors or fittings will make a bathroom feel relaxing and refined.

Darkness can be offset, and contrasts between black and white are a bathroom staple that will continue to inform trends in 2018. Creating contrasts is a great way to do a lot with a small space. Combinations of complementary colours will lend each bathroom an individuality.

Plants and Greenery

Whilst an indoor tree is a design move too bold for the majority of us, incorporating the great outdoors into your bathroom doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic. Walls made up entirely of greenery have been a topic of intrigue within the interior-design sphere. But, if your tastes are a little more conservative, tall, potted plants and flowers can bring a touch of life, without turning your bathroom into a jungle.

Depending on the size of your bathroom windows, you might want to choose a plant that’s suited to low-light environments. The snake plant, ivy and bamboo all flourish in a darker space, and their appearance lends itself to a fresh feel.

Gold is the New Black

Chrome, brass and understated metals have been dominating the bathroom scene: until now. Soon, gold will be rightfully restored to first place as opulence makes it’s overdue comeback. Gold fittings are the perfect statement feature, and a single gold tap can work perfectly with an otherwise monochrome colour-scheme.

Gold should be used sparingly though; an excess of grandeur can make a bathroom too imposing. But flashes of gold suggest timeless class, and will help lend your bathroom a dash of palatial splendour.

1970s Geometrics

This controversial design-decade is going to be informing the bathroom trends of 2018. The geometric patterns that defined the aesthetic of this iconic period are coming back – bringing with them a retro-feel and a striking look.

Patterned tiles are having a new lease of life, as funky designs are set to spice up new bathroom floors. Tessellated hexagons and angular stripes, once dismissed as garish, now carry with them an edgy, trendy association that more and more design-trailblazers will be opting for this coming year.

Chic Technology

A bathroom is not just about style – it’s also about substance. The functionality of a bathroom doesn’t need to be at odds with its design. In fact, increasingly, the two are seamlessly entwined. Heating can be approached as a design opportunity. High-technology is becoming an integral part of contemporary trends, as designer radiators and even digital showers manage to combine stylish modernity with elegant functionality.

Your bathroom can be a personal idyll, tucked away in the corner of your home. All that’s needed to create the perfect space in which to wash, relax and rejuvenate is confidence in your own taste and the help of a company who can hone and realise your vision.

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