Save Father’s Day With These Last-Minute Gifts


Father’s Day may be around the corner, but your family doesn’t have any gifts picked out yet. Your kids said they would find a present on their own, but much like when they promised to clean up their rooms, they never got around to shopping for dad. Their laissez-faire approach to dad’s big day isn’t surprising, but it does leave you scrambling to find a gift in time for the holiday. Luckily for mothers left picking up their kids’ slack, timing isn’t an issue anymore. With a few swipes of your thumb, you can find fantastic gadgets that are worthy of dad’s special day in a hurry. Just use this simple guide of the latest tech to find something for Father’s Day — and take the bill out of your kids’ allowance!

A customized iPhone 8 wrap

Last minute gifts are a specialty of dbrand decals since the company offers worldwide shipping. In some cases, they can arrange over-night shipping of their iPhone skins, making them an ace-in-the-hole for stressed-out mothers everywhere.

Save Father's Day With These Last-Minute Gifts

Call the kids in when navigating their online skin builder and get their input when creating a unique wrap or skin for dad’s iPhone 8. You can customize their factory fitted iPhone 8 skins with the perfect color or texture for dad’s style. Whether he’s a smooth professional who’d appreciate a mahogany iPhone wrap or an adventurous outdoorsman who’d love the latest black camo iPhone skin, there’s something for every guy.

A new streaming subscription

If one of dad’s favorite past-times is binge-watching the latest crime-thriller on Netflix, boost his streaming abilities this Father’s Day with another subscription. These digital accounts are easy to set-up and require very little time to create, so they’re ideal for when you’re strapped for time.

Save Father's Day With These Last-Minute Gifts

While Netflix pulls in the most amount of viewers, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu aren’t too far behind. Cable companies, in realizing how many people are cutting the cord, are also joining in the streaming fun by offering their own online channels. Research the difference between these subscriptions to find the best one for your man’s watching preferences.

A modern ice-cube

June’s beautiful weather means most families host their Father’s Day celebrations outside. If yours is planning a big BBQ in dad’s honor, then you’ll want to stock up on several Chillsner sticks. These cool accessories are a simple way to keep dad’s beer cool all afternoon long, from his first sip to his last swig.

Save Father's Day With These Last-Minute Gifts

Chillsner sticks are reusable, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It also doesn’t rely on ice to keep beer and other bottled drinks cool, so they never dilute his craft brew. Its stainless-steel frame covers a thermal coolant gel that deep-freezes beer to the perfect temperature.

A gift card

A gift certificate may not feel as personal as a hand-picked gift, but a voucher to dad’s favorite store is often the better present. It eliminates any chance of getting him something he doesn’t want.

Whether you choose a gift card from Best Buy, Apple, or another tech website, the ball’s in his court. He’ll be able to get something you might not have ever thought of on your own. These retailers will also ship you the digital redeeming code instantly — making them ideal for the true last-minute gift.

Father’s Day isn’t cancelled just because your kids forgot to get him a gift. It’s still happening whether there’s something for him to unwrap. Don’t let your partner wake up without a gift on his big day. Show him how much everyone cares with these simple gadgets, and he’ll never know his kids were scrambling to find a present.

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