Reclaimed Wood: An Eco-Friendly Furniture Option


Having a beautiful, handcrafted piece of wood furniture has the ability to turn a house into a home. A handcrafted dining room table, coffee table or bookcase can add elegance to a home that you don’t get with the everyday machine-made furniture sets. Truly, no other piece of furniture makes a statement more than a handcrafted piece of fine wood sitting in your home.

Known for its durability, handcrafted wood can last generations and be passed down as a family heirloom, and there are plenty of options for solid wood furniture – choosing from the finest Canadian wood leaves you with endless possibilities. But if you are really looking to make a statement with your solid wood furniture, then consider reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood offers that one-of-a-kind look because of the history it carries, the marks, knots and finishes all contributing to its rustic charm. You can find reclaimed wood furniture options that come from the most durable Canadian wood, so even though you’ve acquired a piece of furniture whose wood may be old, you know it will last another lifetime.

Not only will reclaimed wood provide a unique sense of style to your home, but it is also an excellent eco-friendly option. Reclaimed wood furniture, or “green furniture”, is an eco-friendly option that gives people the opportunity to enjoy a unique piece of furniture, while sparing the environment the use of another tree. Sources of reclaimed wood consist of old decks, wine barrels, barns and warehouses. It doesn’t get any better than owning a signature piece of furniture that makes use of eco friendly reclaimed wood designs and a bespoke, wholly unique approach to woodcraft; it truly makes a statement! 

Reclaimed Wood An Eco Friendly Furniture Option

Reclaimed wood furniture provides an opportunity to be environmentally friendly while spicing up the style in your home, and purchasing your reclaimed wood furniture from a company that is well known for a strong guarantee is highly recommended. It is also advised to purchase this type of furniture from a company that has been around for enough years to establish a solid reputation, as buying from an established company usually means you’ll see strong customer service and high quality products. Your handcrafted piece is too valuable to come without a strong guarantee standing behind it, also, and any company that is confident in the durability if its furniture pieces will offer a guarantee, so be sure to look out for that. 

We all have a responsibility to help our environment, and using reclaimed wood affords us that opportunity while brightening up our homes. If you have a guest over, you can guarantee that he or she will leave remembering the beautiful, unique, handcrafted wood piece. Handcrafted wood furniture from reclaimed wood really does stick out from the ordinary, everyday furniture sets.

It has an unmistakable beauty to it that cannot be artificially recreated – in fact, nothing can replace the age, history, and beauty that come with a handcrafted, reclaimed wood furniture piece. Make the eco-friendly choice of reclaimed wood so you can enjoy its uniqueness and beauty for generations to come.

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