Protecting Yourself And Your Business Against Legal Consequences


One Of America’s Most Litigious Atmospheres

New York—The Big Apple; and that’s not a nickname pertaining to some massive Macintosh computer. No, the city is a massive piece of fruit which sources a “greater share of the national sap” than some other cities. When it comes to national sap, the country’s DNA is rife with litigative “blood” cells. Maybe that’s why the sap is so sticky!

Law is complicated, and it can undermine individual and corporate options extensively. Also, breaking the law in America can happen accidentally. Did you know throwing a ball at someone’s face in New York for fun is illegal? Watch out, middle-schoolers: you little dodgeball enthusiasts are guilty of breaking the law! You’re criminals!

As a business, you need to be careful to ensure you’ve covered your bases. If throwing a ball at someone’s face for fun is illegal, what other seemingly innocuous strictures are in place that you know nothing about? In a country where a criminal breaking into a property can sue its owner if he’s injured during the break-in, anything’s possible.

Protecting Yourself And Your Business Against Legal Consequences

The Good News

There are two sides to that coin, however; because it means if you have the right legal representation on your side, anything’s possible. There’s a saying going around today that says America has the best legal system money can buy. That’s a tongue-in-cheek saying, because it indicates those with the money get what they want.

If you’re a business selling wine, spirits, alcohol, or something of that variety, and an employee drives home drunk after consuming alcohol on the job, if that son of a gun has a good enough lawyer, he could sue your business for allowing him to be irresponsible. Will this case fly? Likely not. But the guy won the skylight case, so who knows?

Again, there’s another side to that coin: what if you’re the one who’s been accused of driving under the influence? While New York isn’t so hard on DWI cases as places like Colorado, there is still a big legal kerfuffle on the books for anyone who must deal with such an issue. Eschewing legal representation is a surefire way to be penalized harder.

Hiring the best DWI lawyer NYC has to offer will, on the other hand, provide many advantages; as points out: “Investing in an experienced criminal defense attorney can ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case—and that you did everything you could to minimize the consequences of your charges.”

Protecting Yourself And Your Business Against Legal Consequences


Now depending on the severity of the charges brought against you, a DWI conviction under a savvy attorney could result in some fines and probation, or the case being dismissed entirely. But if you avoid using an attorney, consider some of the negative fallout.

You could be compelled to regularly take urine analysis tests, breath tests, and to regularly attend therapy. You’ll likely have a fine to deal with, and an interlock ignition device which requires you to blow into a tube for your car to start may be installed in your vehicle.

From there, it’s possible you’ll have to pay additional insurance fees, and you could even lose your license for nine months to a year depending on the severity of the DWI conviction.

So the possibility is, with the right attorney, you could have an entire case dismissed, or the severity of charges diminished. That’s opposed to having the full force of the law brought to bear against you. If you’re a business, an associated lawsuit could permanently suspend profitable activities. Source legal representation.

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