How to Prepare for the Grand Opening of Your New Office


Opening a new business is a nerve-wracking experience. Even when you have every faith in your idea, pesky ‘what ifs’ are bound to cause a few restless nights.

But doubts and concerns are a good sign, as long as you handle them proactively. Plan for all eventualities, good and bad, and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches further down the line.

Planning for your business’s grand opening is one of the more fun things you’ll have to think about as you get closer to launching your startup, but all that fun shouldn’t stop you from making sure your opening goes off without a hitch.

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Get the visual elements of your new office correct and they’ll be instant signifiers to clients and employees of your business’s standards and philosophy.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide to the most important areas to consider as you set up your new office.

How to Prepare for the Grand Opening of Your New Office

Freshen up the interior

Before you start adding furniture and welcoming employees, you need to ensure that the bare bones of your new premises are in top condition. Shabby flooring and peeling paint jobs can only ever send out the wrong impression, whereas a clean, fresh interior will create a more welcoming environment.

Buying new carpet or vinyl flooring will make a big impact, and is often simpler than trying to patch up whatever the previous owners left behind. If your budget’s tight then save some money by fitting it yourself. Just make sure to use high quality products, like the Tensor range of spray glues that also promise a quick and easy application.

In addition, be sure to get the lighting right. Harsh overhead lighting can look clinical, but a few well-placed lamps will help make the most of natural light sources.

Get the layout right

Create an enjoyable working environment that’ll make employees happier and more productive.

If your business is dependent on effective collaboration and teamwork, set up an inviting communal space to create a warmer ambience. On the other hand, a mix of private and open workstations will allow employees to work differently, whatever way suits them best.

Regular breaks are known to produce positive effects on productivity and creativity. Establishing a relaxed and comfortable break area is a great way to get working relationships off to a good start.

Once you’ve got these basics sorted, have a little fun and get creative to make the most of your new office. If you happen upon any creative decorating ideas you want to share, get in touch and leave a comment.

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