Practical Advice For Renting Out Your Cottage To New People


If you are someone who is blessed with a family cottage, you can rent it out to vacationers who want to get away for the weekend. It seems like a waste to keep such a lovely piece of property empty when you don’t have time to visit, and renting it out can make for a great source of side income. Here are some helpful tips that you should follow if you want to start renting out your cottage when you’re at home.  

Practical Advice For Renting Out Your Cottage To New People

1. Fix Up Problem Areas

It’s true that some people are willing to rough it and compromise any form of comfort in order to visit the great outdoors, but you shouldn’t advertise your cottage as a viable vacation spot if it’s looking run-down. All of the top upgrades that will improve the value of your property relate to structural problems, meaning that you should deal with areas like your roof or your deck if they are damaged or worn out. You should also get new windows and doors this summer that are made with high-quality energy-efficient materials — these replacements will better insulate the property and keep the cold outdoor air from seeping inside. Renters won’t return for a second trip or recommend the property to their friends if they spend the entire time shivering from the temperature. You can get these entrance upgrades from a window company in Kitchener that specializes in log homes called Golden Windows — visit their official website to flip through their online gallery to see what Kitchener vinyl windows and doors other cottages received.

2. Add Some Special Amenities

Now that you have all of the basics covered, you will want to entice renters with special amenities that they might not find elsewhere. These improvements won’t capture the essence of the cottage escape and they won’t be as useful as a shack stocked with lifejackets, canoe paddles and pool noodles, but they are sure to get your place booked throughout the season. Think of luxury items that you would find in a splendid hotel or a beautiful bed and breakfast — some recreational property trends include saunas, outdoor pizza ovens, skylights and built-in espresso bars.

3. Get Insured

Your cottage should be insured all-year round because there is always a chance that something could go wrong. Adding strangers into the mix will only increase that risk, so you should get covered before having anyone new step in your space. There are many kinds of cottage insurance that you should think about getting before you talk to any renters — you have to cover the property, the boats, the snowmobiles and any other vehicle that you allow them to use. You should also consider problems like fire damage caused by fireplaces, wood stoves and lightning because the rural area will not have any emergency services nearby that can stop the blaze.

These steps may seem like a lot at first glance, but they are a way that you can improve your property for visitors and for yourself. Some people also choose to use renting out the cottage as a reason to make upgrades they have always wanted to do. For example, installing a water softener can add many benefits while the costs are being covered by your renters, plus it makes it possible to charge more for rent! You can check out the best water softener reviews to learn more about your options. If you follow all of these tips, you will find the income from rentals will be more than lucrative all year round.

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