Old School Marketing: 5 Methods That Still Work


Old School Marketing: 5 Methods That Still Work

OK — This Probably Wouldn’t Work!!!

We might be living in a world that is often dominated by digital processes, but traditional methods haven’t totally lost their place.

When it comes to marketing, the allure of well-designed websites and social media advertising is tough to resist. It shouldn’t be resisted either, as digital marketing is a highly effective method to get involved with. But, when it’s complimented by the following tactics, you’ll be onto a winning formula.


One of the most effective marketing tactics in existence comes in the form of networking. As a business owner, you’re bound to have made friends in high places. You never just know what type of opportunity you might come across by marketing your business to them in conversation. Whether it’s at an event, on the street or yes — on the internet, networking is a highly effective tool.


The way in which we consume media might have changed over the years, but not all that drastically. We still find flyers to be a great way of getting the information we need, making them an attractive prospect for marketers. Anything from a house flyer to a product flyer can potentially build a substantial customer base on its own. When combined with tactics like website design and networking, it can be particularly effective.


There’s nothing like a good competition. The general public loves to get involved with competitions, making this a perfect tactic for you to employ. Nowadays, this once old-school tactic has been updated for the modern generation. Now, as well as enticing people to your brand, you can keep them on your side by adding them to a mailing list. Encourage your entrants to share the competition in as many places as possible, and you’ll get a lot of eyes on your business.

Old School Marketing: 5 Methods That Still Work

Have You Considered Radio Marketing?!


Of all the things that have fallen by the wayside since the introduction of digital marketing, radio isn’t one of them. It might come as a surprise to many, but we really love listening to the radio! As its popularity hasn’t dwindled, this presents marketers with a fantastic opportunity. The amount of reach you can achieve with this technique is almost unparalleled. You’ll have to be willing to pay out the nose for it, but the results will hopefully turn those expenses into a profit.


Of course, one of the most powerful forms of marketing still exists in the form of word-of-mouth. No one can market your company better than its own customers, and you need to be aware of that. Unless you’re providing an excellent service all around, you won’t be able to succeed. Any elaborate marketing technique you employ will be severely dented by a poor reputation. Focus on word-of-mouth as a priority, and then you can find other ways to supplement your marketing tactics.

We could have mentioned far more than just five methods that are still effective to this day. The best way to arrange your marketing strategy is simply to combine digital and traditional tactics. That way, you’re leaving no stone unturned.

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