An MBA Offers Far More Than Just A Degree


An MBA degree is one of the most prestigious designations awarded in the world of business. But with hundreds of business schools and thousands of MBA programs available across the globe, how should applicants narrow down their choices?

While academic rigour is important, a strong MBA program will also provide candidates with valuable real-world experiences and advantages—such as a thriving alumni network, industry partnerships, and networking opportunities. Entrepreneurial students should be supported to explore and develop their own business ideas, and the general curriculum should include ample opportunity to apply classroom concepts in live business settings.

An MBA Offers Far More Than Just A Degree

The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics has a convenient, one-year long, full-time MBA program delivered in Waterloo, Ontario. Achieving this designation in just one year allows candidates to hit the ground running after graduation – without taking extensive time off to complete coursework. The full-time MBA curriculum is built around Lazaridis’ exclusive Integrated Core methodology, in which students are challenged to learn and apply the eight core principles of business through real-world projects and challenges.

The Integrated Core was designed to reflect the complex issues graduates will face in the real world of business—and to equip MBA candidates with superior analysis, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The one year MBA program in Waterloo trains students to look at challenges from a multitude of perspectives, across business domains, while honing expertise in their particular area of specialization.

Outside of the classroom, Lazaridis MBA candidates can take advantage of Waterloo’s rich culture, and thriving business and technology sectors. The city is home to many start-up enterprises, a number of which were developed by Lazaridis MBA graduates. Incubators like Laurier’s Launchpad program and the Communitech Hub connect Lazaridis entrepreneurs with mentorship, industry partners, funding, and other ways to accelerate and launch new ventures.

The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics also provides internship opportunities with local companies, helping MBA candidates get hands-on business experience before they graduate. Students enrolled in the international business management stream can apply for positions at companies overseas, and gain valuable global work experience and connections while completing their MBA.

An MBA is more than an academic degree. In order for graduates to translate the title into greater career opportunities, they must complete a program that fosters practical skill-building through authentic business challenges.

The MBA degree should promote leadership and confidence, along with a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics. Learning opportunities should extend far beyond the classroom to include industry experience, international travel, community-based projects, and team challenges. Prospective MBA applicants should prioritize schools and programs that embrace a truly well-rounded curriculum and student experience. This is the ideal way to prepare candidates for their future roles as leaders and change-makers.

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